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“The smallest currency is a penny. Suppose as a slave you are worth less than that. How would you advertize yourself for sale? You are not worth the least currency. You cannot compare yourself to anyone because your value is just about nil.”

Rishabha Discussions
Political Adversary
Deployment Experience
Media vs AI
Binance: Crypto Giant
Densest City On Earth
Wagner Boss
Practice Woes In Coldland
Strategic Tunnel Thru Himalayan Region
Musical Guru / Musicians’ Guru
Life Inside Vietcong Tunnels
Life’s Work Gone
Docking The Largest Cruise Ship
Sounds of Ancient Languages
Desire For A Dog’s Form
Sexual Selection: Butt Obsession
Hindu Nationalists vs Muslims
Caught Red Handed
Brain Chip Technology
From Artist To Frontline Soldier
Manipulation For Birth Opportunity
Bodhidharma: Some Life Details
Subtle Object
“Divinity or Madness?”
Carl Jung: The Shadow
Excess Sex Charge Buildup & Dispersal
Helping Others
Privacy During Yoga Practice
What is Tibetan buddhism?
Bhagavad Gita 2.41
Unexpected Alliance
Trouble in Riyadh
Hunted By Guru & His Disciples
Female Body In Next Life
Story of Life, Death & Rebirth
Experience of Lives thru History
Mood Swings
Why Psychopaths Rise To Power
Naad Evasive
Empathy: Good or Bad?
“Super Cows” - What’s next?
Sense of Importance
Irresistible Sexual Energy
Being Direct: The Dutch Way
Liberation Interest Investigated
School For Teen Moms
Tendency To Doubt
Porn Addiction
UK PM at ISKCON Temple
Price For Oil
Wrestling The Intellect
Extreme Asceticism
Meeting Paramhansa Yogananda
Free Energy?
Mobilization And It’s Challenges
Tracking Down Yoga Gurus
Putin Asked To Resign
Pornographic Influence
Energized Third Eye Chakra
Deity Entered Subtle Head
Fated To Birth 44 Ancestors
Astral Guru Training
Appreciation for the Yoga Invision Books
Dead Woman Addresses Mourners
Devotion With An Impure Psyche
Sponsoring 100s of Bodies
Gender Confusion
Physical Body Value
Candid Experience with Crack/Cocaine
Right To Abortion Struck Down
Secret World of Female Freemasons
How Jaggi became Sadhguru
Pain in the psyche
Canto 10 of Srimad Bhagavatam
Srimad Bhagavatam Recommendation
Russian Soldiers Caught on Camera Killing Ukrainian Citizens
Billionaires Race to Space
Space Tourism!
Hunter Gatherers’ Perspective Of Life
Former Maid of Hitler
Largest Gathering of Humanity On Earth
Behold The “Little Buddha”