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Discussions by Aniroodh Sivaraman
Tīrtha Series Master Database
Bhagavad Gita Series - 9 : 3 Aspects that compels Action & 3 Parts of an Action (BG: 18.18)
Bhagavad Gita Series - 8 : 3 Types of Action (karma) [BG: 18.23-25]
Bhagavad Gita Series - 7 : 3 Types of Performer (kartā) [BG: 18.26-28]
Bhagavad Gita Series : Master Database
Bhagavad Gita Series - 6 : 3 Types of Worship (Yajante)
Bhagavad Gita Series - 5 : 3 Types of Food (Āhārāḥ)
Bhagavad Gita Series - 4 : 3 Types of Souls (Purușa)
Bhagavad Gita Series - 3 : 3 Working Styles/ Stages
Bhagavad Gita Series - 2 : Class of human beings (Varnas) based on natural tendencines
Indian languages vs European languages script development!
Valmiki Ramayana Series Database
Valmiki Ramayana - 5: Ravana's Diet (Food intake at the time of Ramayana)
Valmiki Ramayana - 4: 4 Sons of King Dashrath & Divine Delicacy Split with his 3 wives
Cave of liberation and young monks
Nature is crazy complicated
Important video of Wall street from 1992 for ancestors
Deity Series-1: Mapping of Deity Lineage, Energy & Obligations
My Secret of success in material and spiritual life
Great scientists-5: Tu Youyou (malaria treatment)
Origin of Aryans: short video
Environment impact people & People change the enivironment
Death of coding, focus on farming, biology, manufacturing- NVIDEA CEO
Hype Graph is true → Human Tendency
Power of nature: turning sand into intelligence
Buddha Series-5: The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha (My favorite suttas)
Naad Yoga Series-1: Struggles to publish this and the Naad Introduction
Srimad Bhagavatham Series-1: Bare Translation of 11.5.32
How to make any mass into black hole by Einstein
Nature vs nurture debate
Mass Psychology behind action/slasher or gore movies
Ancestral Force Series - 8: Ancestors getting rejected for bodies & psychic bullet hit!
Physics of how kundalini-prana shock waves inside the subtle body
What is inflation and what it means to us?
Tools for inSelf Yoga Series- 12: Use of Stop-watch/ visual timer for internalization in Breath Infusion practice
Fascia: why we need to stretch every part of the body
Scientific goodwill and competition between China and USA
Fantastic paper: confidence vs knowledge
Truth behind Addictive McDonald's fries
Next Dalai Lama: Emanation or Reincarnation?
Cool experiment on plant photosynthesis
Anatomy study: Abdomen and Thoracic Cavity
Taosim-2: Sayings of Lao Tzu
Best video on Moon landing missions
Taoism: Lao Tzu sayings
Interesting man with no identity and electricity
Environmental Thinking Research Paper
Swami Bua, Sivananda's Cousin in New York!
Srimad Bhagavatham & Valmiki Ramayana from Gita press
Oppenheimer used Bhagavad Gita to console
Love or romance mechanisms inside brain
ISKCON monk vs Vivekenanada & Ramkrishna over eating & smoking habits
Beauty of shoe laces in eyes of mathematics
Milarepa's Yogic Songs:Bullet into hearts
Primate masturbation for 40 million years
Trauma content in this world
Extraordinary atma: Iron soul in an iron lung
Upanishad Series 1: Major and Minor Upanishads (Vedanta Students)
Great scientists-5: Anton Zeilinger
Country Borders seen from space
Outcomes are lagging measure of habits
16th century Indian millionaire
Positive impact of yogi bhajan
Good exposition of Kundalini yoga from a Christian pastor
Prakriti inspires hobbyist with math secrets
Earth's mantle sample drilled out
Stop pushing, stops moving!
A good journal on Naad
300 years battle between Sanyasis (Vaishnavites vs Saivites)
Buddha Series-4: Acharya Mun, the Great Spiritual Warrior !
Guru-Shishya Series - 6: Prakriti's Most Brutal Teacher!!!
Great scientists series-5: Shuji Nakamura (Blue LED)
Simulated video of moon formation
Biology series-4: heart, lungs and diaphragm movement
How father teaches vs mother teaching!!
Ascetic Types Video
Good Video on Intestine movement and bowel movement
Atma Yoga Series -2: Mapping of major philosophies & contributions to the Tradition & Subject of Yoga
Atma Yoga Series -1: Types of Yoga & Ladder of Yoga
Swami Vivekenanda faced caste abuse and other tough topics
Yogic Literatures Database
Syllabus of Yoga Studies taken from Annamalai University, India
Beautiful picture of g gravity as space deformation
science vs religion
Psychology of writing
Ancestral Force Series - 7: Ancestors roaming like ghost (Buddhist Scripture reference)
Biology series-3: Mechanism of breastfeeding
Future AI pornography
Teenager's originality stump Pythagorean proof
Manusmriti Series Database
Manusmriti Series-1 : Types of Marriages
Amazon forest is there due to Sahara desert
Buddha Series-3: Reading "The Life Of The Buddha" - Bhikku Nanomoli Mahākāśyapa
Guru-Shishya Series - 5: Modern behavior/ attitude of Students towards teachers
Krishna devotee in Ford family
Biology Series - 2: Aeroacoustics & Hearing orb
Great scientists series-4: Ivar Giaever
Nagas, snake charmers and Buddha's past life
Greedy scientists: Publish or Perish culture in academic world