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Important video of Wall street from 1992 for ancestors

The ancestors were troubling the spouse of this life to convince her to work in wall street in Goldman Sachs and mint money like crazy. They were trying to access my psyche to get my contacts and friends to get to wall street. I blocked it but they still keep pressuring her.

I have been to wall street, and I know how the life is.

I showed this video to ancestors in her psyche to show all the mess and commotion you see in Wall Street is now transferred to digital world. It is not worth the fanciness that one see in the the media paper. Country life is sweet and peaceful.

Ancestors will not listen but atleast for time being they will calm down, but such counter information will release a counter energy into the psyche to battle out these whimsical spiritually destructive desires of ancestors and self.

These ancestors keep showing the astral papers that I signed while marrying her.

The sign is more of a nodding and in agreement to their terms and conditions.

My only request from the spouse of this life was to raise children and to keep minimal obstructions for my spiritual life. Nothing more I asked.

But from my side and her side ancestors has 100s of paper behind the first paper which had only 2 simple obligations and in fine print says "You also agree to all the desires and obligations in the following 100s of papers."

The ancestral idiots are shameless and brainless, none of them are possible in one life time but they keep pressuring them. That's why I keep hiding behind Shiva, Krishna and Buddha and their agents. If not, one would be washed in this tsunami of wishes.

Many times, these ancestral idiots go to the family deity and pressure the deities to make me fall in line and honor their due rights or wishes in other terms.

I have been brought to astral courst time to time and Madhva saved me but how long can he keep saving me or deity keeps honoring these wishes.

Even the deity is pushed to the corner by these spirutally illiterate ancestral entities, only solution is spritual education for which these entities are not evolved enough and the grace of Vishnu, Buddha or Shiva has not fallen on them.

What to do? Just manage with what we have in hand and find a middle ground and escape from the quagmire!

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