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Tools for inSelf Yoga Series- 12: Use of Stop-watch/ visual timer for internalization in Breath Infusion practice

November 11, 2023

Houston, Texas

This is the Master database of all my writings

This is the master database of all Tools for the inSelf Yoga Series

Use of Stop-watch/ visual timer for internalization in Breath Infusion practice

Initial days:

I have been using some form of timer or stop watch in phone or a visual timer device to improve my internalisation during the breath infusion practice.

In my early days of practice, psyche used to be so adamant to not practice, I would beg only to be rejected again and again. This is due to historic materialistic and sensual conditioning of the psyche which is it's default mode, now psyche rebels to alter any status quo of it conditioning.

That's when I started using timer by saying to the bad adamant part of my psyche (which is the major share), "All that I am asking you is to do just do breath infusion for just 30 mins! Still no, may be just 15 mins or 10 mins or 5 mins".

This does work wonders because those 5 & 10 mins are the way to penetrate the fortress of psyche's inborn fortress of stubbornness. Later on the psyche automatically listen's to one's command and the natural proclination to practice changes in time. But the initial negotiations and begging to 5 or 10 mins of practice to the psyche on the most difficult or impossible days pays big dividends at the end. 

I have used the built timer in my phone.

  1. Voice-activated timers in Android by saying "Hey Google, set a timer of 30 mins" and by saying "Hey google, stop the timer" to stop the alarm
  2. On iPhone by saying "Hey Siri, set a timer of 30 mins"


This is one of the timers, I recently found and I am using. 

Visual Timer Clock buying link from Temu.com. Price: $13.59


Attention energy leak in the psyche and internalization

Psychic energy leaks outside the psyche in search of external objects for sensual gratification or secret psychic craving all the time. I

t is a matter of whether the self is aware or not and if he is aware then at which level:

  1. physical level
  2. subtle level
  3. Buddhi's/ intellect level
  4. sensual/ Kundalini level
  5. Sense of identity level (sense of identity polluted by buddhi-kundalini vulgarity)
  6. Atma level
  • Most of the time, the kundalini from base chakra power the buddhi at full level to scheme the plans to procure the required combination of sensual gratification and instantly polarizing the neutral sense of identity with strong interest to get the nod from atma forcefully to go for the full rampage of exploitation of pleasure. 
  • Then a full-blown beam of attention escapes from the top or top-front of the head like a cobra snake with single or multiple heads to psychically access the psyche of others or the psychic imprints of the objects by flipping itself in infinite split astral dimension in various timescale. (deriving pleasure accessing past imprints & creating future imprints)
  • After all this fast psychic level operation, on the same day or in the future time, one may be motivated to finish the physical act
  • Or if one is strong enough, one may leave it at the astral level itself and get astral satisfaction and not to crave for gross physicality (this is indeed hard to achieve).



Attention energy dance with a timer:

This is something I achieve every day time to time, when I am doing breath infusion using a visual timer clock next to me. I started using a timer, to see how my practice dwindles in time, weather, business of social life. Unless one puts a number, one can't control it.

Stage 1: Initially, attention energy is started by keeping it strictly inside the body, which is the ideal state.


Stage 2: Attention energy leaking to see the time in the clock like a cobra snake

Several Reasons for Attention energy leaking during breath infusion:

  1. Boredom
    1. This is an eternal feature to crave more sensation, it is a never-ending feature of the lower material energy 
  2. Pain during asanas/ postures
    1. Psyche hates pain but also craves some pain at the same time, when the quota is surpassed, it rebels highly
    2. This is when the interesting phase of the transition of the psyche begins. A good area to study the deep untouched part of the psyche, the double face of the mind opens up
  3. Exhaustion/ tiredness
    1. I drink water or take some dates/ raisins/ apricots and continue the practice
  4. Scattered / Distraction mind
  5. External lights or noises
  6. Inner psychic energy is polluted and restless
    1. Food consumption at the wrong time
    2. Media consumption
    3. association
  7. Ancestors & psychic entitles emit psychic energies and signal against the practice
    1. These deceased entities or minor lower deities abhor yogic practice and encourage materialistic life
    2. They sense a strong threat that if one becomes on ascetic, he may eventually forego materialistic ambitions that are a direct threat to their influence or desires to keep one locked all the time in lower plane

Deceased Ancestors crying:

Once, I stretched my thigh from the back side in a pigeon pose in full stretch holding my toes with an excruciating pain, it took many days to get there and I got into a balanced state.

Immediately, 2-3 ancestors (2 of them are female) moved to my backside and conveyed their displeasure in deep sad, and crying voices like this:

"We are done! we are done! No more bodies!! You are killing all (the energy for procreation)! We are done! You have decided now (no more stopping you!)"  

When they said this, I instantly got concerned and sympathetic to their voices and immediately the austerity force declined sharply and it took many more days to regain that psychic position of vantage to execute certian austerities. Some of the long list of blunders I commited from time to time is unwarranted compassion and sympathy to deceased entities, I always end up in a pained state listening and responding to their concerns.

Later on, I did communicate to them not to worry about bodies, as I am doing the thigh stretches not to alarm the deceased ancestors but to control my own excess or unnecessary sexual urge and keep it under my thumb!

I tried to ally their fears and said they would get their due bodies as sanctioned by the material nature in the form of fate energy and I won't obstruct it. It did calm them a little bit, the pressure to stop my deeper leg stretches' is still there as legs are the storehouse of hormonal energy for procreation.

It is a very difficult mystic action to distribute the hormonal energy throughout the body with a lot of focus but still, the natural tendency of the hormones is again to go back to the thighs and legs, just like a dense liquid goes to the bottom of the contained compared to other liquids. It is an ongoing struggle with more failures to report than any long-term success.

Attention energy hunting like a snake:

By now, I have disciplined the psyche not to leave the position until the timer alarms, so it is forced to complete the required austerities. In the meantime, all these factors discussed above will force the attention energy entrapped inside the body to get out and search for the timer to see how much time is running and to get out from this self-imposed hell of austerity.

I used sense of identity vision to track how translucent attention energy goes like a cobra snake with a hood to see an astral timer clock.

Prana vision, and atma vision can also be used to track these events. 


Stage 3: Attention energy curled back to reinternalize within the body

The tip of the attention energy is easier to handle the source of attention originating from the head itself.

I pulled and curled back the tip of attention energy from touching and interacting with the clock in the near physical astral plane and pulled it back into the body 

This is one of the forms of pratyahara (sensual withdrawal) during breath infusion. 

There is another set of kriyas as mentioned in the Mediation Pictorial by Yogi Madhvacharya for sensual withdrawal (pratyahara) to be done during meditation, it takes 10-12 years to get some hold on this. It is a long process to change the default setup from externalization to internalization.


Stage 4: Attention energy curled back to reinternalize within the body

Again, back to the ideal and desired state to keep the attention energy inside the body for efficient breath infusion. 

Stage 1-4 keeps happening from time to time, whenever energy leaks, it has to be pulled back until it frequency of leakage goes down and stops substantially for sometime one day.



Replies (4)
    • Ani!!!! You’ve described well the battlefield of the psyche. Your level of mindfulness, awareness, is outstanding. Mindfulness is a factor which is present from the commencement of practice to the completion and attainment of the spiritual goal (which may vary from student to student).  One needs to get all the weapons lined up and in tip top condition. We must keep fighting, keep watching and eventually one gets very skilled and refined in practice, not wasting energy but aiming and hitting targets with ease. We need sharp mindfulness teamed up with the axe of detachment. Also a steely resolve, patient endurance to back up our conviction in the practice. It can be done! Keep up the fight!

      • Sensitivity of attention energy is different from the each atma's control of his own attention energy. 

        It is like sensing with a signal detector that there is cosmic microwaves coming from distant galaxies and our solar system and earth is filled with it. I can detect but I can't do anything about it. I can shield temporary but how far, whatever effect it ought have on the objects within its field will manifest by laws of material nature.

        Same way, the psychic distractions are sometimes unstoppable when a huge psychic wave is emitted from strong material entities or lower deities, so I am trying to shield as much as possible or make the psychic senses immune to shield off most harmful rays from penetrating the psyche. Absolute shielding looks very bleak. 

        And the level of sensitivity also varies from time to time with me, with consistent practice, it does get more sharper but distractions will bring it down quickly. It is up and down game constantly. 

        Mindfulness is a very broad term and it is a very relative term to each individual's prowess. Absolute mindfulness is near impossible for limited entities and need to take help from higher beings, books, etc. 

        My mindfulness is up and down and mostly it goes to crap faster than up. If it goes up for two days, next 2 weeks the bad part of psyche brings it down to recondition back to old state again. It is tough battle inside the psyche and from other entities inside and outside the body. 

        I know my limitations now to some extent in terms of detering the others influence and also self weakness in doing a self influence. So, trying to patch up a old car (my eternal psyche that took many births) as much as possible. 

        My mindfulness is personally crap and I have even recorded the number of thoughts I have in 30 minutes, the numbers are like 200+ thoughts / 30 minutes., i.e. 7 thoughts / min. 

        My psyche is crap but it also depends on the energy it consumes and there is always going to be a certain quota of lower energy in this universe and it's effects has to be minimalized. That's is best I could do so far. 

        • In my experience, it’s not that dire. 

          Celebrate and take note of the flashes of insight and the moments of mindfulness.One cannot control the thoughts that come up but one can learn to see  their momentary ceasing. Focus on that!  Learn to recognize the cessation and to stick, literally stick the attention (sense of identity) to the emptiness that ALWAYS accompanies recognition of sensual and mental impressions. 

          The coming and going of thoughts cannot be controlled. However, if one keeps withdrawing the attention each time an impression is detected, the reduction and stilling of thoughts/impressions  eventually occurs on its own.

          There’s a way to retreat from the battlefield to a zone of REFUGE by not getting involved with impressions. It does happen as one develops a skillful detached precision and becomes less hasty and reactive. As the time of NON-INVOLVEMENT is extended, that’s when one shifts into zones of increased clarity. 

          Practice without drama. Don’t sell yourself short. 


          • Beautiful insight! I am grateful!

            You have described the soul of Vipassana beautifully, I had to practice longer and longer to tame the mind down and get the skill of non-involvement proficient enough. 

            Thanks for your feedback in filling my gaps!

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