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Truth behind Addictive McDonald's fries


I have an addiction to fries. During poverty days in western country, I used to buy these fried for few dollars and fill my stomach. 

These is a lingering addiction to fries in psyche, but it is greatly dormant, time to time it peaks out. 

Seeing this truth behind making will deter the addiction but cont cannot eliminate, as the Kundalini will suspend any memory that opposes her whim. 

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    • Video failed to explain how they get consistent standard taste from each potato.

      Incidentally, in 1976, I was to be employed at related processing factory in North Dakota. The place stunk because of rotting potatoes which have a dreadful odor for miles around the plant.

      I did not get the minimum wage job because I could not prove that previously I worked at AT&T, which I did. I was pressured to take a lie detection test, which I did. But the machine graphs reported that I lied about it.

      That was a conquest for prana because otherwise I may have spent years breathing the apana from the plant.

      However, what is the story about the consistent taste of each strand everywhere anywhere on the planet?

      • Shocking they used lie detector test back in the day for a minimum wage jobs in a food chain store as if it is high end security related job. 


        During lying, the blood pressure increases conventionally but for someone who has irregular blood pressure or circumstantially if spiked, the lie detector machine is going to say it lied. That's the drawback of the system. 

        Good, fate saved you from getting that job in a weird way. 

        Food processing of potatoes to such an extent that they photocopied every potato to give the same taste. That would be my guess!


        • North Dakota is mainly a farm state. That is where many of the potatoes are grown. The place was a gigantic potato farm and the processing facility to grade the potatoes.

          On the taste however, you may check on the taste of the chemicals which are added to the oil for frying or added chemically in large vats where a chemical penetrates the already sliced pieces. What are the chemicals used by each business concern to get the specific taste of the particular brands.

          I can see that you are terribly naïve concerning how this society operates. Civilization is not as simply as it seems.

            • Back in high school in France, I do remember really liking “french fries”, from French eateries in Paris. Interestingly, over there, they called them Belgian fries. I guess everybody got in the habit of blaming the others for a good thing?Then, I never was able to find them with anything close to the same taste in the US, just a few years later in college.

              Except one place in Chicago years ago where we’d go at lunch from work. I had to inquire, sure enough they were from Idaho. I have also made a slight exception with homemade. Ultimately, the soil was different from Europe and they have more regulations or consumer protection laws.

              So years later, and in the US, there is more than the taste of the soil to worry about. Apparently as explained below, there is an element of morals and financial greed. Sweet potatoes might after all be a healthier and possible alternative food?

              Definitely, I wouldn’t make any exception for these Chinese extremes. So thank goodness I did not take birth there at this time under these particular circumstances below.

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