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Yoga Institution Flaw

On February 22, 2024, on the astral side, a deceased yoga teacher appeared. This person, Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa, was deprived of his physical body some forty years ago. When he was physically present, he claimed to teach siddha yoga. However, as fate would have it, he was accused of sexual exploitation.

What he said to me was this:

There should not be any institution formed around a yoga teacher. Anyone who is somewhat successful as a yogi, is encouraged by students and admirers to establish an institution and to standardize the teaching process. This is a trap however. To do that one comes under the influence of others who feel that the institution is like a fort, which is a secured citadel, which is infallible and flawless.

The truth is however that in the past, most of the institutions which were establish by accomplished yogins, came to ruin. At some point they develop so much dysfunctionality that they fall apart, and gradually fade from history. Then what is left, is a bad name, or just a shadow idea of what it was supposed to be.

The real danger however is that once an accomplished yogi, becomes the center of attention for the institution he founded, that guru no longer has sufficient time to accept and process his personal fate. In fact, his fated circumstances multiply because the institution acts as a magnet to draw to him many fated energies which otherwise would come to him at a slower pace.

He becomes the target of many persons to whom he has obligations from previous lives. Due to the intensity and rapidity of the approach of persons from past life, he finds that there is not sufficient time for his personal yoga practice. He relaxed that and engages in institution building, and in responding to the demands which surface, because his name became famous and others were attracted to him. These others make demands on him due to past life obligations which he left aside in previous bodies.

He finds that he cannot manage this energy. Mishaps occurs. He may refuse to service many past life relationships and obligations. That produces resentments, which in turn causes caustic acts which affect him and the institution.

The solution?

The solution is that one should not begin an institution. One should accept students and allows them to proceed with their social obligations, with application of yoga methods in their lifestyles, gradually over time. But one should not surround oneself with an institution and with many people clambering to communicate with and serve oneself.

Have students which one can instruct individually but do not have many and do not establish an institution and try to formalize the yoga process. Do not use students to convert and attract others. If one does this, the rapidity with which Nature will hurl obligations from past life to oneself, will be such that one will be ruined, due to the lack of ability to monitor and service satisfactorily such obligations.

Any increase in the number of students or disciples inflates the risk of one becoming entangled in awkward situations which arise because of sexual attraction, financial collection, attention distribution and many other features of relationship. The point is that one will be unable to manage the rapid increase in emotional energy which is from those disciples.

Here is an example. If one has six (6) students, that means six complications of destiny where unsolved features of relationships will be presented by Nature for those six relationships. Now if those six students converted and attracted six other students each, that would mean that one exponentially increased the following from six to forty-two (42). There will be a rapid jump of the physical, mental, and emotional energy from past lives. These will bud out quickly. The teacher may not efficiently manage every situation. The time taken to deal with these psychological situations, will cancel time for his/her personal practice. And besides Nature may not service each of these relationships in their past life formats. That will result in inefficient servicing of the relationships. Some disciples will be dissatisfied and resentful.

Suppose for instance that in a past life, the teacher had a sexual relationship with one of the converts. He may not be able to fend off that energy. In that case he will proceed as encouraged by subconscious forces. That will be intuitively felt by some other students which may approve or disapprove of it. This, in either case of approval or disapproval, will affect the overall situation.

Now further, if the forty-two disciples, converted another six people each, then now there will be two hundred and ninety-four (294) disciples. How will the guru manage this? Even if he sorts the more advanced students and use them as teachers under his supervision, still there will be mismanagement because that is how Nature functions. It wants complications and entanglements. It wants frustration and bickering. There will more compounded relationships, where some of this will be ideal. Some will cause complications of destiny, which the teacher cannot manage efficiently.

The key issue is that the time for his individual practice will be reduced. The feeling that the teacher is so advanced that he does not need to practice is bunkum. We heard from the Srimad Bhagavatam, that Lord Krishna used to rise earthly to meditate even though it pissed-off his numerous wives. If God feels the necessity to meditate, then what to speak of a guru?

The whole idea of creating an institution and increasing the number of followers is the plan of a mad man. I did it. I was crazy for doing that.

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    • True that!

      The post is sobering and enlightening!

      Many modern gurus including Sri M has made statements that he is not needed to kriya yoga anymore, he is at that high state. But he still confessed that he has no time to do it as he is surrounded by many students.

      He was a genuine yogi with very good teacher and got trained at yogic knowledge in advaiti sect for 4+ years and in past lives.

      But He is still telling that his teacher and his great teacher babaji will absorb the karmic energies of his institution and students and help him sort it out.

      Well let's see how it's going to work out. It is a very tricky situation for him. It is highly unlikely that any of his teachers are going to absorb it. Then who else is going to absorb it!!

      But this is a common trap laid out by fate, need not laugh at them for falling prey to the pothole in the long road of fate, but it is wise to learn from them and avoid such traps.

      • Sounds like a Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme and we all know where he is now.

      • This is great insight. It follows a similar theme of realizations previously revealed by Swami Rama through madhva’s notes. Eventhough in his case, when he was installed as the Shakaracharya of Karvirpitham, he realized that tending to seekers  consumed time that could be otherwise dedicated to practice. So he aborted the whole mission, and went into hiding to continue his practice. However, after completing some austerities, he was still later required to teach many students and established an institution.

        It seems that some yogis are fated to go through this experience regardless of the logical complications it may present. Perhaps in some cases, the implications are clouded by the desire for fame or to be a guru even. There’s also factors like cultural superstitions in yogic sects that influence certain actions. These yogic sects are not immune to these flaws. Why else would a successful yogi promise masses of people that their karmas will be absorbed by some grandiose personality? When did nature ever guarantee such a thing?

        Nevertheless, it is a blessing to be able to learn from these successful yogis. It is a warning about the consequences of adopting a missionary approach to yoga, rather than prioritizing the upgrade of one’s own psyche.

        • Anyone knows the Bhagavatam reference verse Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa spoke of?

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