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World of the Long Dresses

On April 5, 2024, my subtle body was transferred to an astral place where all of the females have one child, and where each woman wears long flowing dresses so that none of their feet, legs or thighs are shown. These garments have floral designs.

I sat in a room with some other males. Then some females arrived and passed quickly. They shifted near a wall and sat against it. Suddenly one female shifted in an instance and approached me. As she did so my astral body stood up so that she was eye to eye facing me. This happened spontaneously without deliberate thinking.

This person who shifted was someone I knew but had not seen in that realm for a long gap in time, for thousands of years. Then I realized that in that realm there is no sexual activity with sexual organs. There is sexual exchange but it is done through the eyes. The faces of the person there contained all relationship exchange energy. By looking into the eyes there is complete transfer of such energy between two persons.

There is an impulse to speak but it is not expressed verbally. Instead, when the impulse occurs, the energy is transferred to the other person instantly and completely, where the urge is fully expressed.

In the faces of the persons, there is floral arrangements like deeply embedded tattoos. This carries the personal energy which is transmitted rapidly when necessary. When this female approached, she left her child where she first sat but I noticed that just after that child, who was in a basket, disappeared.

Once the energy was exchanged, the woman too disappeared, and so did I, from that world of the long dresses.

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