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Voided/Nothing State

Recently, I have been consistently getting to that space where it’s just me and naad without the intellect’s usual interruptions. I had a profound experience yesterday that led me to pen the note below which I have edited and added to in the process of writing this post. Please keep in mind that my notes do not completely capture the experience. I find it difficult to accurately capture these experiences after the fact. It is easy to describe my experience of a light which is concrete, but it’s harder to accurately pen the abstract. Please forgive me if this note leaves you utterly confused.

Notes: My experience peering into this space is that there’s nothing or a void—just me and naad. The inner vibrations from naad takes me deeper as if I am being hypnotized or drawn in more and more—continuously drawn in. I have no concept of my body vehicle--just the space and my objective awareness of it. Should I conclude that this is void/nothing? Is it just me and naad or is it that I am at a level where I cannot perceive beyond me (the atma) and naad?

Let’s assume that this is a voided or nothing state (void/nothing). Is naad and the void/nothing the same or are they distinct? Does naad emanate from the void/nothing or is it that the void/nothing emanates from naad? Is there such a reality as void/nothing if everything seems to stem from something? If there is such a reality, can the creation create itself? Or is it that nothing was ever created, and everything simply exist objectively or subjectively?  

Let’s say I get beyond naad and I arrive in a state where I am objectively conscious of a void/nothing. Is it really void/nothing if I am there? If it is void/nothing, then why am I conscious of being there? Should I then conclude that I am void/nothing since I am objectively perceiving in this space? If the space is the void/nothing and I am the perceiver of the space, then what am I in relation to this space beyond being the perceiver, if anything? Am I in it or is it in me? Or could it be that there’s no relation; I am me and it is it—just another space through which one must travel to arrive at yet another space? I do see why many conclude that there’s nothing beyond oneness, but is this conclusion valid?

So far, I deduce that I am simply the observer of the space; I am aware of it though I do not know it and knowing it seems like an impossibility as it appears to be continuously expanding beyond my comprehension. I do know that I thoroughly enjoy being in this space—I have never experienced a greater peace or awareness, but my deductions may just be a byproduct of my ignorance.

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    • Profound Questions! Sprung from a remarkable experience! It is inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

    • Self-checking is an important part of meditation practice.

      Out there in no man's land, there is no telling what you will or will not encounter.

    • Thanks for sharing! I’ve often speculated that absorption in naad sound resonance would yield similar results as mindfulness of breathing (anapanasati). It might be that one-pointed concentration, on any object, leads to absorption, in which one is disconnected from the 6 gates, namely the 5 senses and the mind. It’s a great accomplishment.  A weight or burden is removed when one is isolated from the sense gates and the mind.  It’s a relief to be freed from sensuality. Whenever you enter this state, just observe it and see where it leads. And keep us posted!

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