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Teaching Yoga

Last night, May 20 2023, Arthur Beverford appeared on the astral side. This person was my first yoga teacher. He said to inform Rishabha that he should teach on the military base. I asked Beverford for details of what Rishabha should teach. He said that it should be hatha yoga and deep breathing with meditation in the end.

In that case hatha yoga means asana postures with stomach lifts. Deep breathing is that only and it does not include kapalabhati/bhastrika. The meditation is third eye focus which is done at the end of the session for about 15 minutes for the most.

I explained to Beverford that nowadays one has to be certified by an established institution before one can teach on a military base. I know this because a friend of Tobe Terrell (deceased) named Neil Crenshaw took me to two sessions of his yoga classes at the Military Veterans Center in Gainesville, Florida.

Neil showed me his certification papers when I visited his home once some years ago. Even I do not have such papers. And by the way, once years ago around the year of 1976 when I was in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, Beverford came there. Money was hard to come by. He went to the University office in the town and spoke to the Dean who hired teachers.

In a meeting with the man, Beverford was hired on the spot. Suddenly out of nowhere, Beverford pointed to me and told the Dean that I was an expert at yoga and should be hired. I almost frost in my seat. For one thing I use a black body and the place was devoid of other-than-white bodied people.

Luckily the Dean shook his head to indicate that he would not hire me for anything.

Anyway, the point is that Beverford did teach yoga formally on US bases, and even without paperwork about this expertise. His real certification was Japanese martial arts which he learned at a Japanese monastery in Japan.

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    • Teaching? Honestly, I can barely even help myself get out of bed for practice each day and that requires use of the limbs. And some days I just don’t, much less to instruct others on practice. I do not see how I can teach others something which I barely have an idea about. I have only attempted the third eye practice a handful of times in this life and have neglected that practice since reading about it a few years ago. There is most certainly an interest in my psyche teach. But eventhough my subtle body lacks the discernment, I have to be practical about this on the physical side whilst I have some discrimination.

      Teaching also means I would have to spend even more time away from servicing my ancestral responsibilities. I am already bogged down by resentments from family members who demand I give even more attention. Majority of the times there’s a screw face and a discouraging attitude followed by complaints when I leave to go practice. As fate would have it, for almost a year my son has awaken each day either before or within minutes when I rise for practice, and my spouse does the same, reporting that she’s unable to rest and would much rather I skip the sessions. Sometimes I would try to wake even earlier before them, but there is constant failure. My immediate family does not see the value in this. From these experiences, I surmised that fate is playing a role in the disturbance.

      Even in the event of a deployment, when my physical body is thousands of miles away from family. Due to long work days and total accessibility by my chain of command. I may rarely find an opportunity to do my own practice. If ever such an opportunity arises, my practice will take precedence over teaching anyone. Especially since I don’t know my head from my tail and much work is needed for my own development. I am sure guruji is aware of these factors, since he taught military members in his life. So It is not to display an act of defiance. I just simply don’t know how it is practical given my current life situation.

      Nevertheless, realistically, most of what I mentioned above are just fruitless words. Because the truth of the matter is that the responsibility is on me. Recently, the intellect has generated many thoughts about teaching a yoga process of a credible guru under his/her protection. I have been fighting with this interest for years. My assumption is that I approached the guruji about this in the astral world though I have no recollection of it. This premise is also based on the fact that the process that he listed here is exactly what he taught in his previous life based on my readings of previous articles. It is consistent with my thoughts and desires. 

      So this is no credit on my part. It is the mere consequence of my continuous pestering of advanced souls to help me fulfill various desires. Though these are my personal views, still I will inquire about the requirements for teaching yoga on the installation.

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