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Sudden Energization While Meditating

I haven't been inspired to share here in a while, however, the other day I had a meditation session which was linked to a recent post on this Forum:

Meditation Wait

The day after that post was made, I sat to meditate and did my usual mindful breathing, mindful guarding of the mind and establishment of a neutral stance (disinterest to whatever pops up in the mind and keeping the mental energy at a singular point as much as possible.)  

The day prior I had read the Meditation Wait post which has some similarities to the meditation I normally do.  Often times I end up in a state of consciousness which is empty and neutral.  It can also be boring because there is no stimulation or distraction. That state is an acquired taste because if there are latent desires for this or that, it will be hard to just wait there and to be attentive.

I did reach the empty, neutral state but I was a little sleepy and after remaining there for around 10 minutes, I blanked out. I don't know for how long but the next  thing I recall was suddenly awaking to a clear, energetic, blissful, popping type of awareness. Right at the moment of awakening, the first  mental formation I had was the comment in the Meditation Wait post referring to a spiritual teacher entering the psyche.  That memory slid through the mind and then I went on to investigate the state of consciousness.  

Interestingly, I was aware of the body still being groggy while the psyche was now in this bright, popping, radiant state. Energy was arising and bursting and it was radiant (not golden and not visual but it felt whitish or silvery or frosty if that can possibly make sense).

I remained in this duality of  body and psyche awareness for around 15 minutes, give or take, and then I ended the meditation because I lacked the stamina to contiue.

I wasn't directly aware of any teacher entering the mind and raising up the state of consciousness but I think that  is probably what happened due to how I felt when I suddenly awoke from the stupor into a radically energized and elevated state. I'm fairly confident it was not of my own doing!  This happened around noon and for the rest of the day, I carried the pleasant after effects of that energization.







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    • There are several types of empty, neutral, or blank states, occurring on several levels of awareness and non-awareness, where a yogi/yogini can or cannot identify where he/she is located or is emerged in or is in contact with.

      In the reports from the life of Buddha, there is much clarity about so many levels of consciousness, but usually modern Buddhist teachers do not itemize the states and some present the meditative condition as one state.

      The teacher in the experience mentioned is Yogeshwarananda who entered the psyche to give credence to the statement in the original post which was Meditation Wait.

      The clear, energetic, blissful, popping type of awareness was an entry level into what is termed chit akash sky of consciousness. The memory of the Meditation Wait post which slid through the mind, was itself Yogeshwarananda but due to the attitude of the mind, it could not provide perception of his form, and only experienced him as a memory passing by.

      • An outstanding and exceptional clarification that metaphorically expressed, many roads lead to Rome (or at least its gates)!Finding such gates, being there, is most prize-worthy and exalted!

        • In Buddhism it is said:  The gates to the deathless are open!

          I really don't know what this experience means. It's a little confusing when the "many roads" overlap.  I'll put it aside for now and practice as usual because its always best to practice WITHOUT  expectation.  I knew it was a good state because of its texture and after effect. But hey, there is more to do.  


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