Comment to 'Sudden Energization While Meditating'
  • There are several types of empty, neutral, or blank states, occurring on several levels of awareness and non-awareness, where a yogi/yogini can or cannot identify where he/she is located or is emerged in or is in contact with.

    In the reports from the life of Buddha, there is much clarity about so many levels of consciousness, but usually modern Buddhist teachers do not itemize the states and some present the meditative condition as one state.

    The teacher in the experience mentioned is Yogeshwarananda who entered the psyche to give credence to the statement in the original post which was Meditation Wait.

    The clear, energetic, blissful, popping type of awareness was an entry level into what is termed chit akash sky of consciousness. The memory of the Meditation Wait post which slid through the mind, was itself Yogeshwarananda but due to the attitude of the mind, it could not provide perception of his form, and only experienced him as a memory passing by.