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Rebirth Prep

Yogeshwarananda discussed the problem of rebirth. This is of interest to yogis because whatever happened during the life of a physical body, may cause a yogi to get serious about liberation. The question is however; What is liberation?

How is it attained?

Is there a guarantee about it?

Is there a process which yields it for sure?

How many years about will one have to practice to make sure it happens before or at the time of death of the physical system which currently one identifies as?


Yogeshwarananda said this.

“Tell them to prepare for rebirth. Any ideas about liberation are far fletched. All we know for sure right now is that rebirth will happen. Who knows otherwise? Who has that control. There was birth before. We know that. There was death before. Some of us are sure about that. Hence let us prepare for rebirth.

“Somebody said that he will transit to a deity’s world. Really? Who told him that? Where is the heavenly place? England is to the north, south, east, or west, but where is that heavenly place?

“We know about the astral place because we access it in dreams. We travel from here to there during sleep. It will be the same at death, except that we will return to the physical side after some months or years and not just within twelve hours or less.

“Study that and prepare for rebirth. Did you see the woman you prefer as your next Mommy? Did you see a possible Daddy? What about education? Which school will you attend? What will be the college degree?

“Who will be the wife after you pass puberty?

“Do not be funny. Speak about it! Talk to me! I wish to hear nothing about liberation.”

Replies (3)
    • Reality indeed!

      • Truth stings! But it does have a sobering effect. Only thing one can look forward to is Death, Rebirth and Death again.

        • Best to focus on gaining the upper hand over the adjuncts and truly becoming a friend to the self in every thought and action. 

          I’ll assess my closeness to liberation after I leave this body. For all I know, nature may make it so that I expire at the right time to make certain I take another body. There’s too much outside of one’s control for one to think of liberation. 

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