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    • I surmise that the sexual energy isn’t concerned with heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual preferences. Those, are perhaps social ideals instituted for the continuation of society. Yet, its social values are a separate issue from the actual expression of sexual energy when it is considered as an independent phenomena. 

      Whale B seems to be looking for an outlet. A means of expressing that sexual energy which has commandeered his psyche. Whale A appears to be just a vulnerable victim due to his social position. He’s an easy target of the frustration caused by that same energy. This makes them both victims of the energy in a sense.

      The article also cited the assertion of dominance as a motive for homosexual behaviors in marine mammals. This is also common in human behaviors throughout history. For instance, in Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, sexuality was distinguished by the mood of the partners in the act. One was either regarded as the assertive or submissive partner, with gender only holding value in the significance of progeny. Hence, the social structures of those times did not consider homosexuality in the way that we currently do. 

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