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Conducting an interview

Many years ago on the physical side, I went for an interview at the National Communications Network (NCN) in Guyana. I was just starting out my career and didn’t had much experience. I believe the interview was for the position of General Manager, am not sure, but it was a top position.

I failed that interview because the guy who was interviewing me asked:

“What is annual turnover for the company I was working with?” 

I did not know what he meant about turnover, what to speak of giving him the answer. I later learnt that turnover means the annual gross sales.

The above mentioned, is the background on which I conduct this astral interview. The memory of the physical side albeit from years ago was used on the astral side.

I was leading the questioning for the interview on the astral side to this guy that was applying for the position of General Manager.

One of the questions I asked him was the same question that was asked of me years ago on the physical side. The guy could not answer the question and was trying to research it on a computer. 

I told him that is he not suitably qualified for the position and I failed him.

As I awoke on this physical side, the thought is interesting how the memory pulled an experience  from the physical world into the astral world. The other point is that how deep-rooted are memories and unconscious to the physical body.

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    • Memory must also be assessed in terms of value.

      What does that mean?

      Each memory is stored in the psyche with a particular value but it is automatically or involuntarily done in the mind. According to the value that is the weight of the memory. According to the weight that is the compelling force of it, such that heavy memories are difficult to dispel and are persistent and resistant to the control of the coreSelf.

      In reviewing your post, I noticed a heavy value which was given to the original experience which was not a dream in the astral world but an incidence in the physical one. However physical incidences are also dream experiences. See this sentence where the value was levied on the particular question asked by the interviewer.

      I later learnt that turnover means the annual gross sales.

      This learning process and the memory energy involved caused the experience of the interview to derive much weight, which means that it derived a resistance energy where in the future you would have difficulty erasing it from the memory. Just as certain pencil marks or a ballpoint pen mark are not easily erased from a paper but require much rubbing and even solvents, so memories like the one mentioned cannot easily be erased.

      Even ignoring them in the mind will not erase them. Only confrontation and brute command of the mind can remove them and that is if the yogi/yogini even has that sort of power.


      What happened is that the experience of being unable to answer that question stunned the mind and it took steps to protect itself from that specific intimidation in the future by carefully marking the experience, integrating the answer, and also keeping the incidence stored so that in the future it could be used against someone whom you would manage.

      Those mental operations were done by the kundalini lifeForce which is runs a protection racket to make the self to which it belongs impervious to assaults from others and also to be in a position to successfully attack others. These features should be brought under control.

    • Thank you. Very insightful feedback.

      • Ramanatha Das   Thanks for sharing the experience. I'm glad Michael Beloved  gave us some insight into this. In my career as a sales professional,  I'm oftentimes in situations where I feel belittled by a customer or confronted by them for inadequate service they received from my company. Although, I may not have been directly involved or responsible for the treatment they received.  I am mostly definitely the one that receives the complaint and their  negative frustration energy. And oftentimes astrally the scene is replayed but where I am the "Victor" having feeling that I "fully vindicated" myself with a blistering response. 

        Then to later realize that the matter has not stop there. Whether the person was justified in their indignation, doesn't matter to Nature. That energy continues to re-circulate and aligns with that Guyanese saying..."Strong and wrong ". Lol. 

        Thanks again.  

        • Thank you for sharing too. 

          • Interesting post!

            Whenever there is a pressure in the work environment from internal or external stakeholders, I am one of the conduit thru which the karmic pressure (like water travelling in pipeline) travels.

            It is near impossible to escape without karmic or psychic bruises in psyche and it takes some time (weeks) to heal.

            Professional meetings and set up cannot be avoided for practicing yogi as part of their karmic package of that life and its impact on meditation is also heavy. Especially all the materialistic people meeting will intermingle with each other psyche and it is a challenge to shut down.

            Once in a meeting, I shut down the psyche by doing a pratyahara practice silently without anyone in the room noticing it but the peers repeatedly called me "Ani, listen! Ani, note it! Ani, do this, do that!!"

            I was surprised, these guys were subconsciously alerted that I shut down the access to my psyche and without full physical understanding by instinct they asked me like this "Open you Goddamn psyche, we need to exchange information with your psyche! I need to push some psychic data into your psyche that is vital to your project".

            The reason I shut down the psyche is I observed there is constant intermingle of everyone's psyche and I tried to shut down by protecting it.

            Absolute shutdown is not possible, the materialistic or spiritual oriented people, can easily find out when one shuts the psychic door and they will pound even harder till the door is opened or broken.

            If still not opened, they have gone to my superiors (cultural people like work boss, senior relatives, etc & spiritual teachers or even sub-deities who report to super deities) to open the door and release the pressure on the entity (ancestor, cultural or spiritual folks) which create a back pressure in the universe before it explodes by pressure buildup. I have opened the door by choice or forced upon.

            Absolute psychic isolation is not possible!

            Careful or proficient management is possible! That is where Karma Yoga from Bhagvat Gita comes into picture!

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