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Condition of Subtle Body after Death

The physical body is at the forefront during the physical life. This is evidence even for spiritualists who claim that they are not concerned about it and that it is temporary and useless. When all is said and done, we find that even people who spend their lives ridiculing the physical body, remain concerned with it until it dies. At that stage, one have no idea what his position is. That is if one has no psychic perception where one can keep track of the hereafter condition.

Recently, in his eighty plus year, a friend passed away. His body had a cancerous condition which cause it to malfunction to the point that eventually it ceased processing food. Gradually it starved to death. In the meantime, the cancer progressed.

I saw him on the astral side. What happened is that I did some bhastrika breath infusion practice. He approached to join the session. At the time, he noticed two ladies who were undressed but who did some of the exercises. When they noticed him, they moved into a position astrally where he could no longer perceive them. He asked me about them because earlier in the day on the astral side, these two ladies were in a condition of emotion, where their breasts emitted milk which flowed from their nipples.

He wanted me to explain the reason for this. I told him that there was no explanation. These things happen frequently on the astral side, where there is some activity by someone which is unexplained, and which would not have occurred on the physical side. He then switched the subject saying that his neck was somewhat hunched and some of his tendons were stiff. He said he needed a new set of bones.

I told him that after death, it is normal for the subtle body to mimic the condition of the last physical form. However, if one does asana postures and pranayama breath infusion on the astral side, there is the likelihood that one can adjust the condition of the subtle body to one’s preference. Over time the subtle body will change if one does this. He replied that during the life of his last physical form, he did not pay attention to the condition of the subtle body and that is to be regretted. He said this.

“It is so stupid to focus on everything besides the condition of the subtle body. In the end when the physical system which one identifies as dies, one will be left with the subtle body. Then, if it is not in a preferred condition, fixing it will become the priority.”

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