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    • Women are foregoing negative features of nature, which may be inspired by the challenges presented by the old and new social structures. Now, fostered by a society that affords freedom of expression. Perhaps, after being stooges to male bodies for so long, there’s a desire to rebel after lifetimes of oppression. Nature maybe finally answering their prayers for help. Sacrificing their desires for new and varied experiences to go through the process of birthing bodies is old news. There’s no fun and enjoyment in that. And there’s the possibility of ending up with the short end of the stick anyways.

      Social media’s also prevalent with influences against traditional family ideals. And if kids are already involved, good luck managing the resentments that follows. Even in my case I have to contend with this. Where my wife stated point blank that I should be the stay at home parent and sacrifice my career. It is a daily exchange of words. With loads of resentments being directed towards me because her dreams for a career has been postponed to raise children. 

      But there’s some comfort in knowing that I’m not alone, because I’ve also had conversations with other men in the same predicament. We might as well form a social club at this point for moral support, and meetup every so often because roles are reversing.  I decided to wave the white flag and accept this as the new norm. There’s no point in sitting around wishing for things to go back to the old days when males were dominant and in charge. 

      Beyoncé once sang the words “who run the world” and the audience responded with “Girls.”  In the contest for survival, who wants to be the stooge? But nature has shown time and time again that there are no winners in her system. 

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