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After 21 years of Kundalini Yoga

May 10 2023 

I have 21 years of training in the same practice and the results were manifesting in time

So we started the exercises which consisted of rapid breathing in and out , as we go from posture to posture.  

      I would try to share some of my internal feelings as I go along.


As I move into the position where my hand rests firmly on my knees in a standing and bending over position, I start to do the belly pumps, as I breath in and out. After about 20 breaths There I felt this subtle { kundalini } energy start to rise from the base of my spine . 

I slowly stand as I apply my locks and allow the energy to saturate my being . I felt the taste in my mouth change and the color in my head became red, my stomach had this burning sensation.

It stayed like that for about 15 seconds before it goes back into the base chakra

 { energy center } 



      Although I did several other positions along with rapid breathing I didn't get that feeling of energy rising .


I then went into another position called the peacock pose .

Now the peacock pose is where you bend over and go down as low as you can where your botox almost touches your heels, and bring your hands from inside of your knees and hold your heels as you do the rapid breathing.


   I would like to pause and offer some advice .



The exercises mentioned above should not be done alone unless one is trained by someone who is an expert  and trained in this feel of yoga. 


  Now we continue..

As I came out of the peacock position all locks tightly closed In my body, I started to stand up .

Then again that tingling sensation started come up from the base chakra {Kundalini}

As I stood straight up , all locks firmly closed tight , I had this experience where there was a soft red flame just above my eyes in the middle of my forward .

Around my body there was this soft yellow flimsy light . As I continued to focus on what was happening inside my head , a soft white cloud-like texture appeared just where the red flames were between my eyes in the middle of my forward . Mixed into it was some chocolate colored substance sprinkled into it . 

I maintained my focus as to what's happening in my head when I suddenly realised it was because of the numbness in my mouth that my taste appeared to change . 


   I would like to note that I had been doing these exercises since around 2002 shortly after I met yoga teacher Madhvacarya . Until now I had never had these experiences 21 years later .

Let me take a time off to say thanks to Madhvacarya for his grace.



 I would like to mention that although my teacher is the kindest person I have ever met ,he can sometimes become harsh when he teaches .

So I was telling that some of the times when  my teacher was harsh on me for not learning as fast as i could . As I continued my practice, there suddenly appeared astrally in my head was this dark female deity person, and told me it's not my teacher who is harsh on me but , it's her .  

There and then I became overwhelmed and found it hard to speak .

I knew right then that I had to do more to enhance my practice .

Ever since then as the practice continued my Kundalini would come up on almost all my yoga postures . 

I made the decision to sacrifice comfort for pain 




As I continued to do belly pumps { Agnisara }along with breath of fire  the burning sensation in my stomach  began to intensify and the impurities from the body slowly burned and I started to experience a pure flow of energy .


I watch the sun start to set and the place gets cooler , my body becomes very fatigued .

We’ve been practicing  for several hours now without food and water in the sun .

My body started to object to the practice.

The final austral experience that hit me was, my head,including my eyes got so heated up , I stopped the breathing and tried to focus on what's happening in my head and body , when suddenly I heard the words thats it for today . 






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    • Incredible diagrams! The very best.

      A once in a lifetime set of experiences.

      • I absolutely love this! Really amazing and motivational! Thanks for sharing bro! 

        • Intense session and remarkable experiences! The drawing depictions were especially helpful. I actually tried 2 of the postures during this morning session after I read the post. The ones I did were the stomach pumps with the hands backwards and the hands on the knees. To my surprise, both resulted in an immediate arousal of kundalini into the subtle head after the locks were applied. So I will try the others mentioned and continue them in my practice if they prove effective for my psyche. 

          Thank you very much for sharing. It was an overall encouraging and helpful post. 

          • There needs to be clarification on this post.

            The things said in the post were over inflated and it can distort the people expectations when it was read without proper background. This post should not have been put and it came without my full knowledge and carelessness.

            I should have cross checked before publishing, I thought it would an raw writing as first draft and learning experience for KC and people would view and read it from academic angle rather but that was too naive and ignorant from my side.

            If someone were to be blamed, I am the one to be blamed. Looks like Madhvacharya and KC got the unnecessary flak and harassment physically and astrally for this post.

            I started posting in the Inself Yoga website for 3 main reasons:

            1. Obligation to my teacher Yogi Madhvacharya
            2. For an HEALTHY PURELY ACADEMIC OPEN, DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE PLATFORM for Yogic and Psychic Research for self upliftment
            3. A very generic basic level good will obligation of leaving notations to the other people practising true spiritual practices for Self-Liberation in my current living time in this body. (This is the least priority)

            That's it, these were the only 3 motives in which I wrote. Looks like I need to rephrase it better in my writings in such a way to reflect. I assumed all the readers share similar values or communicated to them in some way before, I forgot it is an open platform and there are people with varied interests and motivations and no 2 people can share the same intentions. Naivety, the glorified ignorance is the blunder I committed. 

            Madhva has asked me to write it based on reporting style with full objectivity and details not in a subjective manner. I stuck to the objective style, it took painstaking 5-6 hours to compose each post to maintain the objectivity, in the midst of tiredness during long sitting, there might have minor deviations in style.

            None of my writings are meant for:

            1. Indoctrinating, missionary style
            2. Gathering students or fellow practitioners or self admiration 
            3. Mocking or conflicting at other true spiritual teachers
            4. Promising liberation to others (blind cannot lead a blind)
            5. Transferring some exotic energy to others to give free ride up

            Meeting with KC:

            Prakriti/ Providence set up the meeting with KC, a vision in micro second flashed to me that it was destined to meet and the same vision appeared me to 4 years ago when I don't know anyone like Madhva or his associates physically.

            There was a destiny to fulfil based on some stray hanging energy astrally, and the meeting happened. It was a natural meeting.

            Truth about austerities and some practices:

            The austerities did not last for 9 hours. It was over inflated number and he reported what was in his mind during a prolonged practice. This is his first writing after 21 years of practice. 

            This the actual breakdown:

            1. Each session was 30-45 mins and we took a break,
            2. Break lasted from 1-2 hours
            3. Cumulatively he took 6 hours of break and less than 3 hours of practice and were eating.

            Farce and Myth of Fasting:

            We did not fast, we were consuming number of Kiwi Fruits and dates. He wanted Tea and I did not have Tea that time to serve him. These excitements and intermediate resisting of Tea and not eating solid food was translated into words as great fasting.

            KC is a very light eater than me, he eats only fruits, oats , cereals and breads and I did not have it in my home that time. He was uncomfortable eating indian spicy food, so he was taking only some fruits in home.

            Madhvacharya has recommended me to eat once a day and some light snack in the evening and wake up at 4 am. I wake up at 7-9 am and I eat once a day at 1 pm due to my busy work schedule, it gets too late to eat in night. This is in partial spirit to Madhva's teaching, it is still challenging to follow his instructions and I am putting effort every day.

            Fasting is not recommended by Madhva and also Buddha as it can weaken the body and mental capacities rather than starving, a middle and balanced path is needed. Who wants to overpass these giants in yoga?

            This is KC's first writing such mistakes are common for every first timers, even I did bunch of mistakes and even Madhva did mistakes in his first writing. KC did not lie but the way he wrote and his phrasing lacked objectivity and it looked great and superhuman in other's eyes. 

            KC knows Madhvacharya from Guyana from 1987 and he is doing practice concisely from 2001 till 2023. More than 21 years of practice, he stayed with Madhvacharya's house and did fulltime practice in Guyana before Madhva left the house and moved to USA after Buddha Deity's wish.

            Harassing for getting a product of training that KC never got in first place is unwarranted and unrealistic.

            1. As the product was never true in the first place to how it was unintentionally marketed to the readers
            2. The product was never even manufactured in the first place to even market it.

            Without medical advice if a practitioner practices hours long yoga in hot or cold weather, the body can dehydrate, get sun stroke or hypo or hyper thermia and damage to inner organs permanently and may even lead to eventual death. 

            This life threatening practice in the name of the yoga was never done in the first place as the readers perceived and it is not mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Sutras system of Yoga, if still reader chase the writers and teachers for the rough first draft with trillion errors, one can call it as delusion.

            21-22 years of practice did whatever he got and all those poses are already in YouTube in Inself yoga YouTube page in HD format for years now, it was nothing new in the diagram or post. There was nothing I invented or discovered.

            Half knowledge or overinflated stuff should not drive the curiosity and competitive bug in the psyche to hasty conclusion and delusion to unnecessarily harass me, Madhvacharya or KC. Balanced minds should refrain from such tendencies.

            It was a genuine mistake on my end for not cross checking before publishing and I apologise for the confusion caused by my negligence. I hope this clarifies and settles the matter.  


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