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Notice! ~ Alert! -- POSTING VIDEOS & MESSAGES & YOUR QUESTIONS & Email Alerts of Posts

For ease of navigating while following the directions, try opening the website in an additional window.

To post an article:

Just select "New Discussion" on top of the Main Forum/ Discussions page.

To go to the Main Forum/ Discussions page, click on the 3 bars on the top left, or the inSelf Yoga icon on the top.

Then click on Discussions. 

Alternatively, click on the "+" next to your name at the top right.

And select DISCUSSION for the Main Forum.


You may still POST VIDEOS:

FOR NOW they can only be IN THE MAIN DISCUSSION SECTION of the Middle of the Homepage.

Use the Insert tab in the menu on top of the page, then Media, and preferably select the Embed option.


For additional Directions or Questions:

  1. Please go to HOME, by clicking on the inSelf Yoga oval icon in the top middle or 
  2. Select the 3 lines at the top left
  3. Then "Contact"
  4. Fill in your information
  5. Inquire away cool


Directions for Subscribing to receive alerts on posts in your email account:

  1. Select your name at the top right.
  2. Select Setting, in the menu that pops down.
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Check all that apply to your needs.

You should already have your email set up,

And, if not go back to Setting, click on Email and follow the instructions.



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