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What Ancient Egyptians Witnessed on DMT Will Shock You…(They Tried to Tell Us)

They say there are no coincidences. Could it have been naad he was hearing?

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    • He needs psychiatric help. I was wondering if he could afford it. Poor Guy!

    • A very interesting piece of video! This is deep indeed!

      I think crazy applies to those who cross into other dimensions helplessly or in an uncontrolled manner as well as without the capacity to make sense of the experience, because they are only connected to the material experience and its manifestations. Crossing over makes them ungrounded and out of touch with reality so to speak.

      Then there are those who can, aided by psychoactive elements either naturally produced or pharmaceutically engeneeried tap into the energy of other dimensions. In those situations there are those that loose footing of reality, therefore the dangers and disclaimers against their usage/applications. 

      In that category there are also those who are dedicated psychonauts or explorers of altered states consciousness who try by default to maintain objectivity during the experience in order to get a deeper understanding of existence, as this brave guy did.

      The same concepts of spiritual/religious elevation were developed by the rishis, some of whom still partake in substance usage abundantly. And such substances were purposefully used by great yogis of old, as noted in shastric literature.

      Of course the highest ones are those who hammer at higher levels of consciousness as part of a systematic practice, in order to develop deeper understanding and more critically familiarity with such states, in anticipation of future environments to partake in once evicted from the material dimension. 

      Some key observations include the time passed that was only 4 minutes, so definitely a different dimension. The transparency and humility in his narrative leave me to appreciate some genuine possibility of a real explanation regarding the use of psychoactive materials in ancient Egypt (to include the resemblance of so-said electric transformers in pyramids to pipes …) as speculated upon by others (to be clear). However, he is speaking from personal experience, and that makes a great difference!

      • Another interesting detail from his experience is his description of a high frequency sound, that is not coming from the outside, but was within and as he said was not tinitus. That could be an explanation given to someone trying to locate the naad sound.

        He had an overall positive symbiosis with the drug. There was clarity of perception, calibration of his interest, in connection with his predisposition and current state of being.

      • His experience was similar to the first time I took Ayahuasca in that I traveled to a different dimension as well. Will be sharing my last encounter with Aya. No coincidence that you posted this. Thanks for sharing!  :-)

        • Looking forward to it. I have a few years back posted my experience(s) of the same.

          As an entheogen, Aya definitely focuses on insight into other dimensions, as if one were sleeping, dreaming yet still awake. Her effects have been varied and not predictable, and can also be simply instructional, aspirational or inspirational in some significant way.

          It is one of the prime substances to penetrate other dimensions among others along with the African Bwiti Iboga (pharmaceutically named Ibogaine), reputed of being much more intense/potent and deepening in its spycho-spiritual healing aspect, to include renouncing addictions through penetration of ancestral paradigm and dimension (on the subtle side).

          • inSelf Yoga is now taken by a group of dopeHeads!

            • Hey man! We're just continuing the ancient tradition. Can't be considered a "normal" person if you aren't a dopehead.  Nevertheless, due to the insights of inSelfYoga, some of us might submit ourselves for treatment. sealed

              • Such a hostile takeover by dopeheads of inSelfYoga must be avoided. inSelf Yoga is a very special and unique medium of propagating the practice of advanced yoga and needs to be protected and safeguarded, so that it remains conform to its original intent.

                I for one must humbly take responsibility for my part and understand that such knowledge and information can affect the community at large.

                • There is a saying that whosoever the cap fits should wear it. That is a way of allowing guilty people to turn themselves in; that is in the good world, the place of the idealists.

                  In the real world, whosoever the cap fits should wear it when it is convenient and deny it otherwise. Also, whosoever wins the war should stand and command the scene, occupy the territory, enslave the enemy, capturing their children and wives.

                  For my part, I will come up with my hands in the air and with a white flag waving. History never said that only the good will be the victors. Silly people dream about that. Others cave in, knowing that it has nothing to do with good or bad. Whosoever wins, wins. That is enough!


                  In my hippie voice...Cool! Sounds like this guy took the red pill in "The Matrix" movie. I fell we always try to make sense of these experiences from our conscious viewpoint but they only really make sense from our subconscious viewpoint. Adjodha good post. Guess I have to stop by your place to take a hit of something when I reach to Florida. Lol! 

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