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Virginity and Reincarnation

The value of virginity varies from culture to culture, ethnicity to ethnicity and religiosity to religiosity. Mostly the stress about it, is referenced to the females in human species. The only reason why it has such pronouncement for females, must be the factor of fetal development which could result from pregnancies. As nature would have it, males in the human species have no means of developing an embryo. It is only the females whose bodies are the focus for pregnancies. And there lies the levy where moral attitudes become focused on female sexual access, such that if a female has the first penetration and does not for one reason or the other, remain espoused to the male which penetrated, a set of moral stipulations are applied to fence the female in, to the moral standards of the particular family and society.

When reincarnation is considered, the entire situation must be recalculated because if it is a fact that each person takes many births, then unless one can prove that in each birth, one is married or sexually linked to the same person, over and over again, then the idea of virginity would apply only to the physical body assumed and not the astral form. That astral form would not be a virgin because in its past life using some other body from some other family, it would not be celibate prior to its assumption of a new physical form as someone else’s infant.

There is also the possibility of having sexual intercourse with someone other than the married or partnered person even during the current lifespan, and doing so in dreams either consciously or subconsciousness,

If in dreams, the subtle body is liberal in terms of sexual intercourse, if it is beyond one’s control in sexuality in previous lives, and in the afterlife period between lives, then the whole idea about sexual purity has value only in a limited way.

For example. Suppose a female indulged sexually during the teen years. Is it only her physical body which was involved? Or was it both her subtle and physical forms which were simultaneously indulged?

Since her subtle form indulged in many other lifetimes, it cannot be considered to be a virgin, as a form which did not have sexual participation. It is not a virgin. In fact, it is a very used sexual form. Hence the first sexual indulgence of the physical body is not the first involvement of the subtle form.

The only new factor is the physical form which was created by the sexual act of the parents. The inner self of the physical body is the subtle form, the instance of feelings and psychology. But that is not created in the parents’ bodies. That is something which transited from the dying physical body which the person had previously and which may or may not have indulged sexually in some other lifetime.

The proposal about virginity and its high value only holds up if one can prove that there is only one lifetime, and there is no reincarnation or transmigration. In that case, the person is a new physical body with a new psychology, having no subtle body. Hence the first sexual penetration of the female would be completely new and original.

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    • Breaks down all moral and cultural codes and questions built around virginity of the woman if astral body and reincarnation are taken into the account.

      All virginity based values, Halo or restrictions are vaporized when astral body behavior and rebirth are taken into account

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