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Video ~ kundalini - bhastrika - kapalabhati

breath infusion into a 72 year body

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    • Pray share here if you will, the difference you feel from the body at the mature age of 72 versus mid-way to now, or as you see fit. Thank you 

      • Suryananda

        Question is too general. What specific area are you thinking of?

        This much I can say. Just about three months ago, Yogeshwarananda, for his own information, went into the body and looked around. He was living in my body off and on for a time now. He went down into the feet on the subtle side.

        His opinion was that the body was in good shape. He did not give details. 

        There is no doubt that the body is deteriorating. There are many worn parts in it. Some functions just do not operate any longer. Yoga cannot reverse some defects.

        In the early morning, it is a struggle to get this body moving. It feels then as if it is made of rusty metal parts. As someone who is used to old cars, this is not alarming. But even an old car has its limits. At some point one is forced to make that last drive or haul to junk yard. That much I can say about it.

        It is not that the body can do what is shown in the video. The point is that this yogi still makes the effort. Yogeshwarananda some years ago was stern when he gave this instruction.

        "Keep doing the practice until the very day that body is no longer responsive. You will never be a great yogi anyway. Therefore you cannot afford to retire from practice. Do not fake that you go into samadhi and does not need to do asana postures and pranayama breath infusion."

        • Interesting to see this video since I haven’t observed your bhastrika practice in many years. You seem to have slowed down a lot. The breathing is not as full, fast or forceful. It’s almost a slow motion session if one references to 40 years ago. However there is great opportunity to study the mental and energetic movements. All stages of the body give certain advantages as previous advantages fade. I wish you great skill and great luck up to the end!!

          • Marcia Beloved

            Slowed down a lot!

            Old cars make it for a few more miles on some of their cylinders. They burn oil. They leak. Their compression is not the same. With worn rings, they just cannot turbo charge.

            And the same goes for old mules, oxen and fading yogis.

            Nature's wear and tear.

            • Precisely why I asked the question! Halas, I don’t see myself in a position to give a direct critic, by deference, so the question was deemed vague.

              As you mention a great opportunity for study on the subtle side. But as responded such is the fate of anything material, it deteriorates over time through a grinding wear and tear.

              It is a great opportunity for yogis to get direct observations of the physical bodily capabilities over time, especially those who have like yourself been in association going years back.

              Ideally, the physical aspect dwindles, as subtle side inversely increases. Hopefully that inverse proportion is the case for yogins that have benefited from the exemplary teachings.

              I recall a yogin, by the name of Hrdayesh, from several years back when I lived in Chicago. He was in last phase of Multiple Sclerosis, so the body was limp, he could only speak and swallow liquid food stuff. However, as he was a demonstrably committed to his path, I learned, he continued his daily meditation, and remained serene.

              The physical system can be subject to any type of decrepitude, malfunction and ultimately death. May we all progress towards a satisfactory ending, by the grace of our stellar teachers and their guidance.

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