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Triangle Portal

A portal which is a two-way or three-way facility in the subtle head, may be discovered suddenly when doing meditation after surcharging the subtle head using breath infusion bhastrika or kapalabhati process. Examine this diagram.

There is a passage horizontally from the coreSelf to the third eye portal. This is easy to detect and maintain focus through. Then there is a passage which may be slightly curved. That is from the third eye portal to the crown chakra complex.

If it reaches the crown chakra and lodges there, there may be another portal which completes the loop. That is from the crown chakra to the coreSelf. A yogi may activate these three passages which began at the coreSelf and loops back to it. There may be a continuous flow of communication between these three factors.

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    • About Pratyahara read now, I do meditation with eyes closed n a soft piece of wet cloth put on the eyes, just to have a cooling effect. But Now after reading your article will keep the same n a cloth as mentioned will spend more time in Meditation, thank you Sir

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