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Tendency or Application of Tendency

For inSelf Yoga™, the matter is tendency not its application. And yet for a beginner the application of tendency is important because it is the clue that leads the yogi to discover and then reform or eliminate the tendency.

The application of tendency has no handle on it, whereby one can come to grips with a tendency. For that one must discover and handle the tendency directly, regardless of if, it is in use, or is in dormancy. However, because tendency is extreme subtle, and is in many cases so subjective to a self, as to be impossible to sort or recognize, one has to begin this quest by focusing on its application.

When one hones in to the application, one can over time researching in many meditation sessions, discover the tendency root itself. Then one can hold it and make the effort to reform it, and if one can, eliminated it.

Some students cannot be assisted in this regard because they are so fused with a tendency that they cannot objectivity themselves in reference to it. In fact, if the yoga teacher makes the effort to show them how to sort themselves from the tendency, they became annoyed and resists vehemently.

Such is this process. Each yogi/yogini should endeavor to get to the root of a tendency. But, if necessary, focus first on recognizing the application of the tendency, and then patiently over time with self honesty, focus on the tendency itself.

Focusing on ceasing an unwanted application of tendency is an improvement, but it is a superficial fix. One must sort the tendency and sink into the psyche to locate and reform the self’s use of it.

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