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Taste Dictatorship

Each morning for years now, to break the previous day’s fast, I use one glass of water. This serves the purpose of washing the kidneys, where they can release harsh chemicals as urine, to begin the day’s digestive activities.

There is one consistent experience which occurs morning after morning, which is that the sense of taste objects or approves of the action. It analyses the taste, temperature, and texture and gives approval or files a complaint and grumbles about it.

If it is in disapproval regarding the flavor of the water, or the texture (feel) of it or even its temperature, it will assume a disagreeable attitude and release a discouraging influence with intentions to stop the intake. The tasting sense will corner the coreSelf to file a grievance. If it gets no satisfaction, it will attempt the hurt the core.

No consideration is given for the requirements of the stomach or of any other gland or organ in the body. No regard is felt as to if some other organ is in need of the water. The sense of taste is a ruthless dictator which only cares about its satisfaction above everything else

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