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    • Still Pablo Escobar like figure must be hiding somewhere, only the servants are captured, bosses are hiding inside. 

      I did not understand "but Users' NEED escapes from cops again." Please explain. 

      • Aniroodh Sivaraman

        Some suppliers of the substance and some of the substance were captured.

        Substance derived may be destroyed.

        The captured suppliers may be imprisoned.

        • People who feel the need for the drugs, who would have purchased it, are still on the loose with their NEED for the drug.

        When will the NEED be captured because if that is eliminated, it would not matter if the suppliers peddled the drugs because no one would NEED it, no one would buy it.

        Suppose you ship the same quantity of epson salts to the same location, who will buy it, who has a NEED for it? What would be the value of it in comparison?

        • True! Thanks for explaining!

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