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Self Adhesives

The formulation and willful enforcement of the socialPerson, either of a morally inclined person or a criminally minded self, causes the fault whereby the self cannot sort itself from its psychic adjuncts.

What is the importance of this?

How will anyone live, even a good person, if he/she does not act strongly in a moral way?

The person will live, undoubtedly, at least until his/her physical body is disabled by fate. In the meantime, however the solution is to live with loose enforcement of the socialPerson. This self is the subtle body container interspaced in the physical system. While that happens, the core should sort itself from its adjuncts and remain somewhat detached from them. This accessory equipment, though necessary, should not be fused with the core, otherwise their influences cannot be resisted.

Good guy / Bad guy!

What difference is there, if the core is bullied by its adjuncts?

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    • That is true at the end game of spiritual practice when all attachment, particularly to goodness and pleasure, must be abandoned.

      However, in Buddhism, and apparently according to Pantanjali, morality is necessary in forming a base, the platform, from which higher states of meditation can be reached. And without the experience of higher states, one will never become fully disenchanted or fully dispassionate.

      To view morality as optional, in Buddhism, is risky. At the same time, however, the sense of identity is systematically being eliminated. When one reaches the end game, “good guy” and “bad guy” do not have starring roles, because there is “no guy.”

      Maybe I misunderstood the post but I think it is important to emphasize the role of morality in any spiritual practice. In Buddhism, morality is the basis of the Noble Path. It only drops away naturally at the very end. It can be a part of practice without being cumbersome or bullyish.

    • I myself benefited heavily from ethics training from Digha Nikaya (long discourses), it is start of the 8 fold path.

      But it depends on the fate or material nature as it decides where one ends up in the life and what kind of occupation in that life one will lead.

      For example, Buddha says one should not have occupation that leads to killing or weapons in 8 fold path. But if fate places one to be in butcher shop or military in battle ground or captured by King as slaves to make deadly weapons, what can one do?

      One has to abandon that life and do the best possible and should soon aim for spiritual life in coming lives.

      Good or bad does matter in a big way and in flip of a coin, it is puerly a matter of Prakriti (fate), good or bad doesn't matter!

      It is in prakriti's hand, we just do our best.

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