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Relationship Issue

For the atheists it is easy because for them, at this moment of being a physical body, there is no God to account to and no heaven hereafter to qualify for. For the theist it is a confusion which they currently avoid.

What is the issue? It is the factor of relationship, as to what comparative age one will be when one gets to heaven and as to where will others fit in in the relationship display in the beatific and magnificently conceived place.

Who will the mother?

Who will be the father?

Who will be the son?

Who will be the daughter?

Who will be the husband?

Who will be the wife?

Will there be grandparents?

Will any such relationship be ongoing, forever?

Will there be interchanges where for a certain period, one is a father or mother, and then for another time, one may be a daughter or son?

Will the person who is the mother in this life, be the mother in heaven as well?

Will one grow up to be an adult there?

Or will one remain there as a child forever, as an obedient infant of the same parents one had on earth?

At what age will one be as that dear child of those parents?

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