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Relationship Hoax

Nature provides many relationships which are phony. These emotional situations do not endure for the most part. It begins at birth, where the child bonds with a parent or guardian. There is no way to avoid this. And yet, even though it must be formatted, there is no proof that it will endure. Was the father or mother, the parent in the last life? Will either parent be the parent in the next life?

A human being spends much time and energy in the formation of a relationship which he or she cannot certify as an eternal situation. And yet it is not sensible to neglect some of these emotional formations. There is no point in acting irresponsibly or inconsiderately if the response will be painful. For the time being, a yogi should service obligations even though he/she knows or figures that there is no eternal time support for these relational formations.

As Nature builds this body in the womb of its mother, and then Nature matures this body when it is expelled from the mother’s passage, and then Nature again neglects the maintenance of this form and causes its definite death, so one should assist in the formation of relationships, their maturity and then disintegration. But one should know that these relational constructions are hoaxes.

Is it possible that any of these situations are enduring?

That should be researched in meditation.

I met an old fellow on the astral side. He was deceased for over seventy years. I asked him how it was, living in the astral existence for such a long time. He reflected for some time. He said this.

“Now I have no view about a relationship with a mother, father, wife, or even a friend. Where I am, there is no one else but myself. I know that others are nearby in a parallel dimension but I do not see them. I find myself awake and alone. Then again, I find myself lying down, floating and alone. I have no idea about living with any other person.

“There is a blank space in my psyche which would be filled with relational energy if I were to be a physical person again. I considered this to see how it would be if I was to be an infant, who sucked a mother’s breast. How would that blank space for emotional energy be filled with love for another person, and then change to love for a girlfriend, then to be estranged from that woman, then to fall in love with another woman. Then to have children and to be fond of them. Then to die again. Then to be a child again.

“Where is the constancy?”

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