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Reincarnation Belief

It is one thing to believe in reincarnation/rebirth. It is a different issue to integrate that information into how we related to each other. Because of the need to enjoy various types of relationship, which are based on the age of the body one uses, one is apt to feel confident that one understands the idea of reincarnation, even though one may not integrate that into every relationship one either likes or dislikes with some other person.

There is a big arrogance where once one’s body becomes adult and it begets children, one condescends and relates to the infants or juveniles as if they are permanent dependents.

Even after one reached the adult stage, one may be treated in that way by one’s parents. Sometimes one resents this deeply because the parents are forever making the effort to pin one down as a child, as someone who is not that experienced and who needs advice.

But then again, as Nature would have it, one repeats this behavior with one’s children, and the children on occasion, when it is convenient, encourages one to regard them as forever infants.

However, this is based on not integrating the idea of reincarnation/rebirth. If it is factual that the entity who uses a physical body, is not that form, and is a psychic somebody who animates and uses the physical form, then why, from the onset, from the infancy of one’s child, one does not regard that somebody as an adult who was deceased, and who because of the force of Nature, assumed an embryo and was born as an infant.

Assuming that this deceased, somebody left an adult form behind in this physical world, his/her adoption of an embryo and its subsequent birth, does not make that person an infant.

What happened?

That adult person was adapted into an infant form. He/She was handicapped. That is an adult but it cannot function as such because of the developmental stage of its new body.

But if one gets an enjoyment or a fulfillment from regarding someone as that person’s infant body, then it would be impractical to regard that person as the adult who acted as such in its past bodies.

How would it be to see the adult format of that person, where one sees that it is fitted into (forced into) an infant format?

The adult package of energy of a deceased person is compressed. Some of it is suspended when that person assumes the process of being an embryo. Yes, that former adult cannot manifest adult features when it appears as an infant. But that is due to nature’s ability to compress and even suspend, its adult behavior. And yet, that does not mean that it is in the interest of a parent to really think that its child is a child. It is not that!

One should not continue believing and acting as if the child is a permanent infant. One should introspect to see the tendency to play the role of being an adult parent.

What is love for an infant or juvenile?

Is it affection based on the minor age of the body of the person.

If one had the psychic power, would one prefer that one’s child (children) remain as a child forever? That may give one the privilege of enjoying that person in an agreeable way permanently?

But time goes by! It will not permit one to freeze the current social relationships.

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    • The insights within this “Reincarnation Belief” article are of great importance for inSelf Yoga practitioners.

      As such as such, it is important to maintain as much as possible objectivity and even a critical attitude as one goes through appreciating and depreciating the different experiences afforded by nature, to include the privileged or sacred care for progeny.

      However, Nature reigns supreme and definitely beyond general access and understanding. So, for the purpose of survival, I wonder what mothers in particular, even those that are advanced in the sense of Yoga would say, should they be privy to the actual being that is their newborn infant, as they cuddle and nourish it from their body.

      The same impetus that is fostering and supporting material advancement and establishment of forms within the physical realm need to be put under scrutiny, critique and objectivity in the format of the aforementioned article. That will allow yoga practitioners to be less perplexed in their interplay with Mother Nature.

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