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    • Oddly, I don’t see where she communicated in the video anything intimate or so informative. Perhaps I anticipated too much. It was IMO mostly on the surface and about her work. But I personally feel that she didn’t create a drive/ hook to her work on the social media and book she kept referring to, maybe because I was listening to it directly in French?

      It is however a noteworthy learning for humans as it can happen, and most likely repeatedly did so to anyone of us in the cycle of rebirth. Also, an arrested pregnancy as she called it (miscarriage) could include abortion.

      • Suryananda

        The illustrations she drew show the anguish and uncertainty, women are subjected to in pregnancies, including miscarriages. If you can't see that, it does not mean that it is not there, just that you are not equipped to detect it.

        And of course, males lack the experience altogether. But they can hear the anguish, if they listen a little from the other side of the wall of gender.

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