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Purified Abdomen Plexus

This diagram shows the purified abdomen conglomerate joint plexus in the subtle body. This happens after there is curbing of the physical intestinal track using pranayama breath infusion and tight regulation of diet and time of eating.

Instead of having a parallel subtle body abdomen which has intestines, colon, and rectum, this appears instead. There is no radical method of achieving this except by doing hatha yoga purificatory means with pranayama breath infusion. With that, it is required to cease certain other habits which I list below.

  • curb time of eating
  • curb from eating peppers, spices, and sugar
  • curb sexual bleeding
  • curb dietary products which are not conducive to efficient nutrient absorption and prompt evacuation
  • check passage of food from mouth to anus on a daily basis
  • do stomach churning exercises twice per day
  • do two daily sessions of pranayama breath infusion, during which air is pushed down into the higher and lower intestines
  • attack the sexual complex to uproot its expressive influence

Sexual fluid expression is a form of bleeding. One has to come to terms with that using some method which curtails it step by step. Consider a vat (water storage) which has several spigots. To conserve the liquid, one should shut the spigots. However, if even after doing that, one finds that the liquid is not conserved and that some spigots leak, one should fix those valves to stop the drainage. Each yogi must deal with the issue himself/herself.

The subtle body is affected by the dietary and excretory process of the physical form. Hence those yogis who are careless with this, will in time regret it. The belief that one is not the body, and hence one does not have to regard its condition, is for foolish yogis. Being something different from the physical system does not in any way remove the influence of the physical body. One should take that into account.

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    • I just read the following in Death You (pg 218) after eating my main meal: “The value of any diet is that it yields psychic energy which affects the subtle body. Even though food is physical, it has a subtle emanation which affects one psychologically.”

      This passage had me thinking about the large portion of food I consumed despite it being my main meal and now this post! If this is not a warning to my person then I don’t know what is! I have to do better, but it’s such a struggle…still have to make the effort!

      Thanks for sharing this!!

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