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Penance of Shiva

One penance of God Shiva was in regards to making the proper use of the reproductive tendency, where it would not lead to degradation, which happens due to its pleasure potency. In the first place the sexual pleasure potency is misinterpreted as a source of enjoyment, while in fact it is a fuel for the generation of reproductive fluids and their operations, which result not in pleasure but in responsibility.

I was shown by the God Shiva that in one penance, he clearly figured that the confusion, where one interprets reproductive operations as sexual pleasure, occurs because of not understanding, that every urge is not to be fulfilled. There is a message force which comes with every urge, and which urges one to fulfill the said needs. However, there is another energy which tells one that every space is not to be filled.

Somehow one does not perceive the blank space as being purposeful. One assumes eagerness to satisfy. That leads to frustration which converts into hostile emotions. This puts one at a distance from clarity and hardens one’s focus on the wrong conclusion, which is where one feels that as a central event, one’s desire or urge should be serviced.

The fact is that frustration or blankness is itself a type of fulfillment which should be appreciated. The interpretation that frustration should be absent and should be replaced with events which cause contentment, results from a lack of clarity and an illiterate reading of destiny

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    • Wow, frustration itself to be taken as fulfillment is very subtle.

      It is true during hard work and discipline development days, but that line is very sincere and truth. It is counter intuitive.

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