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My first YouTube video

After much contemplation and some push from Madhva, I have finally published my first YouTube video. I have an interesting background and I aim to use my experiences to provide guidance to others. The video is not perfect as I recorded while washing dishes, but I needed to be in my element and it came out authentic. Check it out here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IUt6UBS1DpI

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    • I like the washing dishes bit. Seems like there should be more of that as a background for a lecture. It sets the example. Why sit in a snub surroundings in a library with a stiff look, when you can be doing something constructive?

      And the lecture?

      Very Good! 

      Down to Earth!


      Satyaduta  Thanks for sharing brother! 

    • This is a great message to men, especially black men. Suggestion though for your upcoming videos. I think it's also important to highlight the importance of honoring and respecting the mother of their children (or potential mother of their child/children) as well. They also play an integral part in the child rearing process, and children learn by example in conjunction with physical lessons. Unfortunately a lot of black men in our community don't recognize the value of women, and just use them for their own benefit. I'm sure a lot of that has to do with single mother households, or a household where a mother isn't present, so a mothers love is never experienced. Don't want to over simplify the issue, but wanted to offer another topic that I believe men could benefit from. Again, great message. 

      • The video is insightful and refreshingly personal, such authenticity allows listeners to try to identify and resonate with the message.

        You are a master at this for seamlessly dropping knowledge without missing a beat, and totally multitasking. 

        It is a great contribution to the community, and yes some are ready for higher information ℹ️ and waiting to receive.

        It is ultimately educational and helps elevate others, so as to break cycles ingraned over generations of negativities.

        These are true words from a solid brother. And, after all we judge a tree by its fruits smile

        • Courageous. Bravo. A model for others to follow.

          • Thanks for viewing and I really appreciate the feedback. Very encouraging! My goal is to improve and perform my duty without attachment to results…do my best and allow the rest! ??

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