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Morality in Yoga Practice

Yogeshwarananda, on the astral side, dived into the chest region of my subtle body. This was on August 5, 2023. He retrieved a memory incidence which happened over fifty years ago, during the teen years of this body. When he surfaced from the chest region and entered the throat, he displayed the memory and laid it out. He examined the events.

During a conversation, he said this.

“Previously I did not consider the ancestors’ parts in this. Previously, following the Vedic literature, I regarded it as a moral breach only. It is more than that. The puzzle is that one rarely sees the ancestors who are the integral motivating force of this. Nature pushes this ignorance. One’s insight is disabled because of not having the applicable discrimination to sort this.

“The world will go the way it is, with the colossal ignorance on the part of most persons. This will continue. However, let us discuss this as a talk between a celibate yogi and a sexually involved one. There is some need for this discussion. Like for instance, if I took another body, and Nature made conditions in my youth where I become a family man. How would that play out? What about the discrimination? How much of it does one have? It seems that Nature disables the aptitude. It causes one to see the urge for sexual intercourse and the avenues for coitus. What is your opinion about this? In the present body, you passed through events for this.”

Since he requested my views, I explained this.

“The incidences which you retrieved from my memory were buried long ago. Until this moment when you retrieved it and showed it, I did not have an active its recall. You were a celibate yogi in the immediate past life. Now you have an interest to understand the forces behind the sexual impulses.

“This much I can say. Most of it is a matter of fate but that is a combination force. The person concerned, in this case, myself, has very little to say in what happens. Yes, as you realize, the ancestors are the major part of this, but with Nature operating the overall plan and course of events.

“First of all, the development of sexual impulse is not done by the entity who is identified as the body. He or she does not create the events. Yes, society may blame the individual if there is a pregnancy or otherwise even, but still the offender and the victim, neither of them are actually the creators of the incidence.

“The ancestors have more to do with it, but they are compelled as a lust force by fated circumstances, which are beyond their control. Still, if a yogi can understand the role of the ancestors, and perceive their influence, he/she may have some objectivity, and may break the hold of the ancestors.

"In the incidence which you saw in my memory, the young lady in question became known to me through a relative who was a friend of hers. Initially there was a slight attraction between her and myself. That was not enough to draw us into a sexual interest relationship. However, after seeing her once more, the sexual interest spontaneously developed.

"Based on that force, I arranged to take her to a friend’s cottage but when we arrived there, this young lady hesitated to go in. After this, we got transportation and she returned to her parents’ place.

"Later her parents got wind of this and complained to my parents about it.

"The incidence was constructed by ancestors, where some of her ancestors were hesitant for her to have a relationship with any young man. But there were some ancestors on her side who did not mind the event. Those persons were willing to take the risk of have teen parents who had no income or property.

"On my side, the ancestors in my psyche were eager to be the children of the young lady. They were in control of my psyche, at least the sexual aspects of it. I had very little control of the sexual potential of my body at that time and did not consider the risk involved.

"My ancestors on their part, the ones in my psyche were reduced to being a sex desire force only. They had no rational faculty. Their consciousness at that time was only an urge for finding their way into a young woman’s sexual passage, with no idea about the social circumstances of the young lady. From my perspective at the time, I was on a journey, on a need conveyance which went somewhere. I did not consider the social liabilities.”

Yogeshwarananda replied with this.

“Morality is a social idea of people who are in control of making moral stipulations for the convenience of those who are elderly. We see more and more, that the older generation loses control. This is due to the advancement of science, where the elderly persons become irrelevant because of the invention of many devices which change the spread of the liabilities as for example birth control which prevents pregnancies. Women can get rid of pregnancies. Once they occur, they are not force to complete them.”

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