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Memory Locations: Non-Localized!

According to this article, Do Organ Transplants Cause Personality Changes?

According to the above article memory location(s) appears to be very complex, according to general facts, and in this context, specifically in instances of organ donation/transplant.

Please find in quotes a couple of segments below for your convenience, although reading more in the article better defines the context, allowing for important additional details.

…”More recently, we conducted a study on this topic at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and found 89% of organ recipients (of any organ) reported changes in their personality following their transplant surgery.”

….”But memories stored in the brain would not likely account for the personality changes observed following organ transplants. Could a different type of memory explain these changes?

Several types of non-neurologic cellular memory exist. For example, the immune system remembers exposure to infectious pathogens and responds quicker if re-exposure occurs. This is known as immunological memory.”

To me, it is groundbreaking! It also lays to rest the question of whether or not to donate organs. And to this question, as far as I know, Yogiraja Madvacarya has typically answered negatively. The article supports that position for inSelf Yogis. What a serious predicament this would constitute!

The article also confirms Yogiraja’s information regarding the location of deeper aspect of memory within heart location zone. As opposed to transplanting memory transferance and counter transferance, from donor to recipient and the inverse of other organs, that are not the heart.

Even Yogiraja’s information of the memory in the head area is also taken to task. Amazing!

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