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Hazards of Guru Power

Guru Power is real but it comes with many hazards, the foremost which is the flow of energy from followers into the psyche of the guru and the flow of power from the guru into the followers.

A guru cannot all by himself/herself run a mission and represent a lineage or create a new one. He/She must take help from others. In doing so there is a two-way flow of energy from the follower to the guru and from the guru to the follower. This is the major hazard.

I met a departed person who was a guru in the immediate past life but who was ruined before he was deprived of his physical body. There were legal complexities and accusation which were sensational and severe.

Then, after drifting here to there in the astral world which is parallel to our physical situation, he now stays at Yogeshwarananda’s astral ashram which is nearby. His subtle body is sick. It is swollen. It lacks vital energy.

He appealed to me that I should transfer to his psyche, any excess energy which accumulates during breath infusion pranayama practice. This is similar to a blood transfusion, where someone with a high blood count, agrees to give blood to someone who is anemic.

I have no idea how long I will do this. However, I have some obligation to help this person, because in his past life, I learned some breath infusion methods from him.

There is also another issue which he requested help with, which was to remove some energy which was transferred from his subtle body to a disciple of his, who became empowered by that energy but who later resented him and still has the energy and uses it.

His idea is that I should remove the energy from that person and keep it in my psyche for the time being, until someone appears who should have that empowerment from him. This also means that in the meantime, I would function with that energy, as an agent for its distribution.

The guru role or being empowered as a guru for an astral or physical lineage is a risky skill. It is best that one avoids it. There is no guarantee that says that one will only gain good from such a role. It is liable with many risks.

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