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End of Desire

Just as the waves on an ocean has no termination, desire has no ending. As soon as a wave collapses, some other force arises either from the absorption of the wave’s energy or from resistance to it. Meeting someone else involves the generation of desire energies. But with that is the absorption or crash of other desire forces which were already moving to expend or upend energy.

Even a slight contact with someone, may cause a tidal swell in a desire clash between one and some other. It may arise immediately or it may be delayed where it swells immediately or remains unfulfilled for the time being. In either case, a yogi should gage the potential outcome. Then he/she may see a way to adjust or cancel, if that is possible.

Sometimes in the ocean, one wave meets another head-on. Each expends a full or partial force to cancel or reinforce the other. Such it is that when two persons meet, their collective desire force may clash or a portion of that collective may entangle with a portion from the other person. Both clash for a particular outcome. It has as factors, the time and circumstance.

Some waves meet so as to reinforce each other. Then, as a combined energy, they ride as one challenge to whatever is in their vicinity. Eventually however after meeting a greater power, they expend. Some fizz due to losing supportive structure. A compound desire which is from this and that persons, cannot continue without a supportive base. The base must move with the expression. Otherwise, the expression will be imperiled. It may lose its footing altogether. What would it be if a human being suddenly found himself/herself without earth under the feet? The collapse would be frightening.

Each person comes into being with desires. Some are current. Some were expended. Some reside in dormancy. Each has a particular force and will arise with or without the appropriate support. For two people in a partnership, their individual desires may clash positively or negatively. If the partnership is splintered, the desires may recede, may go into dormancy, may disappear. And yet, those desires will arise again. After a calm night, sometimes, the ocean produces turmoil again.

Rush here!

Rush there!

Variation is the constant of it.

One wave in the Atlantic desires to be near another in the Pacific.

How will they shift the time and the place?

How will they continue to be?

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    • I saw this computer simulation this is closest to what you have written.

      Every time 2 desires hit each other, third desire comes and ultimately the chain reaction reaches a critical speed and it exponentially proliferates into numerous desires and at unbelievable speed.

      This is a good visualization. That's why isolation is important in coming in contact with the entities with different desires.

      See till the end and the speed of proliferation near the end.

      • That is a super representation of what happens in the mind that is due to the involuntary operation of the intellect, memory and kundalini.

        Most beginner-meditators are scared of the mind because of this, as it is shown in the video.

        Thanks for posting.

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