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Chakra Diagram -Rishi Singh Gherwal

This is Rishi Singh Gherwal's diagram of the chakras. I give it here for the record because he is one of the lineage teachers of the inSelf Yoga TM process. I learnt the process from several teachers. This is due to the fact that it is a complicated system and each teacher may be the master of only a part of it. I attended several teachers. Under pressure of time, I did manage so far to itemize and describe the various complexities involved in mastering each state.

As for Rishi Singh Gherwal, I did not meet his last physical body. I did however wander about and searched for the yogi, early on from 1969. I began searching after I met Arthur Beverford who was Rishi’s disciple. This was in the Philippines where Arthur Beverford was teaching Japanese Martial Arts at the main gym on Clark Air Base.

It was from Authur Beverford, without my requesting, that I got a set of Rishi’s books. I went through these but found that there was not much information about the mystic process of yoga. However, that is the traditional way of Indian yogis, where certain processes are not divulged in books.

Beverford did introduce me to third eye focus. He also showed anuloma-viloma pranayama and some hatha yoga practices, like swallowing a long cloth and then gradually pulling it out through the mouth. He taught how to use a neti pot to inhale water through the nostrils.

Beverford later requested me to find a farm where he could establish a spiritual community. He had the idea to do that. When he returned to the USA, he was in Ohai-Ventura area of California, but there was an advanced student of Rishi who lived in Santa Barbara. Beverford mentioned this place because he got the set of Rishi’s books from there.

As far as Rishi’s books are concerned. I checked them around 1973 when I got them from Beverford. At the time I was travelling willy nilly with Freeman Farr. We made two trips by automobile, from New York City to Los Angeles. We used a VW bus and got money by stopping here and there to do construction jobs.

Rishi Singh wrote a set of books called, Masters of the Far East. According to Beverford, Paramhansa Yogananda stole the format of those books and produced a similar book called Autobiography of a Yogi. When Yogananda passed on, his disciples tried to establish that the body was in a state of incorruptibility, where it would remain undecayed for some time.

Beverford said that Rishi visited the body soon after Yogananda’s demise and reported that the body was not in that state, and that the claim was invalid. This was based on the pranic condition of the body.

Later on, when I got in touch with Rishi astrally, he told me that Yogananda’s physical body was not in the pranic energy state which qualified it as being in a state where decay of the cells could be delayed.

However, for the record, I should state that initially, after I got the set of Rishi’s books from Beverford, and read those, I tried to reach Rishi but failed to do so. This was a total astral effort because his physical body was already deceased.

I combed through the astral domains but could not find a trace. Later when I met him after about thirty years or so, he told me that because of my sexual involvement, he was out of reach for his own protection, because he could not afford to make communication which may result in his taking an embryo.

Of Rishi’s books which I received from Beverford, his Yoga Vashishtha or Heaven Found was carefully read by me, but the one of most interest was his translation of the small portion of the Mahabharata about Markandeya adventures in Krishna’s supernatural bodies.

This book is out of print. It was a booklet. I no longer have the copy which Beverford gave me. However, later, under the influence of Rishi Singh, I translated and explained the story about Markandeya and published it, titled, Krishna Cosmic Body (Markandeya Samasya English). Sometime after publishing that book, Rishi inspired me to translate and comment on the Anu Gita. The title for that is Anu Gita Explained.

He made his biggest contribution to my translation work by suggesting that I translate the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. That was published as Kundalini Hatha Yoga Pradipika. In a sense even though my name is listed as the author, it is the fact that much of the book was astrally ghost written by him. There were Sanskrit combination words which I could not break apart for translation. But after struggling for a time, suddenly he would appear and give the breaks and meanings. This saved my face for doing that book. When I could not describe a certain technical process, he provided detailed information on the astral side and save the day.

Rishi Singh is in isolation in an astral dimension, where he continues his samadhi practice. He cannot be reached by anyone unless he expressly wants to communicate with that person.

I have not seen him for some time. He is anti-social, to say the least. Supposedly, Rishi Singh’s wife was an advanced yogini. I did not meet this person but for some reason, Beverford told me of an incidence in Santa Barbara. During a meditation session which Rishi conducted, Beverford tried to mentally contact Rishi’s wife who sat behind him with some other students.

It was a session in which there was to be silence and inner focus. Suddenly, the yogini slapped Beverford from behind. It was a subtle body action only, as there was no physical movement. No one else besides Beverford and the yogini heard or were aware of the event. Beverford grinned when he told me about this in Ventura, California. The slap was a reaction to Beverford's subtle touching of the lady during the session.

I was asked by a few persons about a method for reaching Rishi Singh. I do not know of any method. I tried to reach him by combing through many astral domains and tracking other yogis who knew him. I could not reach him. After some years, over about 30 years after Beverford gave me Rishi’s books, the Rishi appeared to me on the astral side but he did not initially teach anything. It was his request for me to write the three books mentioned. I have no method for anyone, even myself, to contacted him.

The more important information is that while in his astral presence, I was unable to ask questions. This implies that his astral conditions is such that even if one met him, one would find that one cannot verbalize any questions to him.

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    • Rishi's words in invision 11 had a deep impact on me yesterday. A major revision of my perspective on atma-Kundalini tug of war. 

      I was about to write a post on it. Surprised to see you wrote a detailed post on him as rarely he is mentioned in posts as he is mostly unreachable. 

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