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Arm-Under Kundalini

There are kundalini zones here and there in the subtle body. Some correspond to areas in the physical form. Some do not. When doing breath infusion, one will, from time to time, realize these areas. This happens when the new breath energy penetrates and collects in these areas with a shining light, colorful or compressed feelings energy on the psychic side of life. Much of this has a physical feeling which runs parallel to the subtle bliss aspect which occurs.

During breath infusion, a yogi should pause to focus on these areas for study of their higher energy saturation. This gives confidence about the practice of pranayama and inner focus (dharana/dhyana/samadhi).

On the morning of April 19, 2024, while doing breath infusion, there was a burst of kundalini silverish bliss energy under the arms and in the side of the chest which corresponded to it. This shimmered for a time. I ceased rapid breathing, held the locks, focused on the area, and became absorbed in the study of this energy.

There was this thought.

Focus on this. Remember this. Describe this. Be absorbed in this. Do not forget this.

I made notation immediately after. Then after there was time, I composed this report after drawing the diagram below.

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