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Kundalini Yoga / Pranayama Breath Infusion

Even though they are intimately related, kundalini yoga is different to the pranayama breath infusion practice. There are many methods of breath infusion with various focus. Hence, when one inquires about methods and their effects, one should ask someone who is versed in the particular practice of interest. No assumption should be made because each yogi may have a different method which cannot be figured merely by observing the physical part of the practice’

It is the same with asana postures, where when doing a posture, the outer appearance of two yogis may appear to be exactly the same, while in fact the mental and emotional processes within the psyche are varied and may not be related.

Students usually want to get to the basic practice as soon as they can. This sets them in an attitude to harass a teacher for methods which are not displayed to physical senses and which cannot be adopted unless detailed instructions are given. But even then, the factor of motive comes into play, where if one has a different motive, one cannot do a practice in exactly the same way as the teacher because the motive handles the result developed by anyone’s practice.

There are two divisions of pranayama breath infusion. These are

  • enrichment by increasing fresh air in the body
  • enrichment by increasing used air in the body

These are broad titles for practice. According to the motive of the student he/she will practice one or the other or both. But these too, depend on motive which is culled from and produced by one’s evolutionary status. And this cannot be forced because it is regulated according to the previous births of the person, events which already happened and which cannot be adjusted at this moment.

Whatever one does now which has a change effect, it will produce that effect in the future. One cannot force it to produce effects at the moment. But all the same, excited people do not want to accept this. They harass anyone who seems to have some meditation expertise, as if that yogi can change the way this is set up.

Kundalini yoga has many methods. Breath infusion is one such process. Some persons by raise kundalini merely by dancing. Some others by taking natural or man-made chemicals. Some merely by mentally enhancing their feelings. Some by shaking parts of the body. Some by becoming sexually aroused. Breath infusion is only one of the methods.

Even though breath infusion is a method and a reliable one too, still eventually a student should study what breath infusion does in terms of how it surcharges the subtle body, as well as its effects in the physical system. Then one can realize that breath infusion is a system all by itself which can be used to accelerate kundalini yoga and simultaneously surcharge the subtle body irrespective of its effects on kundalini.

The value of estimating the effects on the subtle body is that the student can prepare for a healthy upgraded subtle body when the physical system is no longer responsive to one’s willpower.

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