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Female Bud Redirection

This is a female mystic procedure which I am to divulge. It is of no use to male ascetics. I tested it using a female psyche which was fitted into my subtle body for the purpose of verifying its effectiveness. This was done on August 3, 2021.

It may be that some females will not be required to do this. It is likely that a female whose reproduction equipment is folded in sufficiently and who is not prone to sexual expressiveness, may find this to be unnecessary.

In this practice, there should be breath infusion in any posture in which the infused energy will easily target the reproduction equipment which includes the ovaries, uterus, vaginal passage and vaginal face.

Normally many hormonal fluids flow to these areas. During breath infusion, the face of the vaginal should be pulled inward so that instead of being like an open flower hanging downward, it is like a flower bud which emerged from a plant and which is not spread into the environment.

When during breath infusion the reproduction equipment is retracted, there will be a feeling as if it is filled with liquid which cannot fall from the face but which due to the breath infusion and retraction, remains in the closed flower bud.

The yogini should continue the infusion into this bud. After it is saturated with breath energy, there will arise the need to grant permission for a tube to extend from the base of the bud through the sushumna nadi central passage into the head of the subtle body.

More infusion of breath energy, will cause this fluid in the bud to travel up the sushumna central passage. When this liquid reaches into the head, it will evaporate. This practice should continue for a time. Then it should be done daily until the bud retracts and gets smaller and smaller until it either retracts up in the trunk of the body or disappears.

In the present condition it is hardly likely that it will disappear but for a few yogins, that may happen.

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