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Interesting, perhaps:

CBSN Originals |
How Wellness Became a Gateway for Misinformation
How conspiracy theories "infiltrated" the wellness community



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  • Interesting!

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    • Seems that these conspiracies makes for good marketing. 

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      • Did you say marketing!
        Check out the first 5 minutes below:

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        • Donald J. Trump was an ardent follower of Norman Vincent Peale, who authored one of the first New Age books under the title of The Power of Positive Thinking.

          This means that it is not unusual for Donald's daughter to be inclined in the wellness/New Age dogma and mental practices.

          It adds up!

          Trump is a New Ager. Read this from Wikipedia:

          Former U.S. president Donald Trump has called Peale "his pastor" and "one of the greatest speakers" he had ever seen.[16] According to Donald's niece and author Mary L. Trump, Donald Trump's father, Fred, became interested in Peale's message in the 1950s.[17] Fred and his wife, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, traveled to the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan with their children to hear Peale's sermons. Donald Trump grew up hearing Peale's teachings from his parents, and Peale officiated his first wedding.[18] Trump credits his survival in 1990 after being almost a billion dollars in debt to Peale's positive thinking teachings.[16]

          See this link and be informed:


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