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Urine Restriction Kundalini Rise

There are many methods for arousing kundalini. That is besides the ones use by yogis which involve breath infusion. Kundalini may raise spontaneously when one rises from sitting, when one rises from a reclined position, if one makes sudden movements, if one ingests drugs or herbs or if one fades into a coma. There are so many ways and means of kundalini rising, that these may not be mentioned in total.

One interesting kundalini rise which occurred on November 27, 2020 was due to holding urine in the bladder beyond the alert to release that urine. There was an alert in the body for passing urine but due to being in a location where there was no bathroom facility, being in a public place, I could not emit the liquid.

Using willpower, I held the bladder valve(s) tightly. This happened for fifteen minutes, at which time I was near a toilet. However, at that point I could no longer hold the valves. These released a tiny flow of urine. By this time, I was on a toilet but then I felt an amazing and definite kundalini rise through nadis in the arms and forearms. In the arms, when I focused, I saw five nadis which were lit brightly with a white translucent light. Each of these had a bliss aspect to it which was like a lightning bolt happening as a laser beam.

My arms assumed the posture which is diagrammed below. This lasted until all urine was evicted from the bladder. Sexual experience may also render kundalini rises and that may use some hard to discover nadis as well.

It is important that a yogi recognize the involuntary arousals of kundalini especially those which occur but which are located elsewhere besides the spine and head of the subtle body.


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