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Advanced Tibetan Kundalini Subjugation Process

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  • The fact that this very video is the one that has been repeatedly shown on In Self Yoga websites more than any other video, is an indication in itself that Kundalini manipulation, as in the case of God is in the details. It is primarily about techniques.

    There is nothing superstitious or intangible about it, even though it is nearly impossible to explain to just about anyone.

    And, still, there is a vast distinction between life force subjugation and consciousness purification. Because the manipulation and the purification have different requirements. One may not have impure intentions for kundalini subjugation, but in order for consciousness to purify intention must be properly checked.

    It is a very beneficial demonstration, from the inSelf Yoga standpoint. Among others, there are intense internalization, repetition, intentionality, and duration of the practice.

    It would be necessary to understand more about their fuller program. What are the other steps associated with this demonstration? How much guidance is available regarding the introspection limb for the practitioner? God is in the details.




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    • Definitely, the details of the internal situation of the mind of the yogi are not given.

      One should appreciate however that it is very difficult to verbalize the internal process.

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