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Yoga / Happiness Denied

Is the success of yoga completed with the total denial of happiness for the supposed self?

Where is yoga taking the yogi?

What are the systems of enlightenment which clarify if the quest and hunger for happiness will ultimately take someone to a dead end with no happiness and with the understanding that happiness is a figment of one’s imagination, an unreal objective conjured in lesser minds?

Where to go hereafter?

Which dimension and what association should a yogi strive for?

When doing breath infusion for kundalini yoga practice, one may experience saturation bliss states where the subtle body assumes a higher dimension feeling in which one can rate what it would be like to live with full inner focus into an intense bliss experience which is so compelling that one assumes pratyahar sensual energy withdrawal automatically, where one does not have to introspect or interiorize one’s attention because the attention itself becomes inward bound, inward focused on the bliss energy of the psyche.

This gives some idea of how the advanced yogis who use higher level subtle bodies exist in places like maharloka, janaloka, tapaloka and satyaloka. They internalize without effort where they do no deliberate introspection (dharana) but only do dhyana and samadhi self-absorption, because they are compelled to do so because of the nature of the bliss energy which comprise those levels of existence.

When there is a compelling inner interest, what need is there for the yogi to create one or to search for one or to force the self to abandon the outer interest while being absorbed on blankness or voidness?

It is desired that while using the physical body, a yogi should experience higher environments in which the subtle body is so bliss saturated, that the psyche itself assumes a bliss absorption interest instinctively.

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