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Yogi Self-Release

A yogi should, step by step, take actions, both physical and psychic, to remove himself/herself from involvement in the history of the world. The idea that one can do some good to this world, or that one can rescue someone from the misery of this place, is for the most part a worthless proposition. It is a bad investment. In fact, it is impractical for the most part. It makes absolutely no sense.

Even if one were to be the greatest most influential person on the planet, still one cannot exert that power forever. At some point it will diminish. The world will continue in its own way. One will lose grasp on its history. One’s influence will fade.

As certain shapes of leaves are generated from a tree season after season, so the people in the world will persist with their destructive and constructive habits, year after year. One’s ideas will be ignored. One was produced in this existence as part of it, even as its unique part, which is all the more proof that this process of nature will continue. One’s indulgence in it, will definitely be washed out.

One was here. One did what one could. One realized that one had little or no impact. One got prepared to be transited from this place. One was prevented from participation here. This reality continued as it always did.

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