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Yoga Practice / Insufficient Time

It happens that a yogi makes a commitment to his yoga teacher or to himself, to complete the practice session daily, once, or twice per day. However, as time would have it, this yogi is not the supreme controller and cannot meet that commitment every single day.

When it happens, that circumstances deny one the time to complete the practice, one may have some little time, or have half the time, where one must decide if one should attempt to practice or if one should leave aside that session completely, abandoning one’s commitment for the time being.

There are many reasons for not having sufficient time for practice. These causes include the following.

·       over-sleeping

·       malaise resulting from laziness

·       physical tiredness due to over-exertion

·       over-eating

·       tiredness due to sexual expression

·       discouragement due to absorption of retardative energy from non-yogis

These aspects affect the energy in the psyche. These can cause a yogi not to rise to practice, where he/she is overcome with a mood which depresses the impulses for practice.

If a practice session of asana postures, pranayama breath infusion, pratyahar interiorization and samyama meditation requires forty (40) minutes of time for completion, and if one only has twenty (20) minutes for it, one should do the breath infusion session to the fullest and use whatever little time which is left for the interiorization and meditation. If there is no time left, then the interiorization and meditation should be cancelled for that session.

By completing the pranayama breath infusion, the subtle body will be fully charged with fresh energy which should be the basic achievement. This is important in the quest to get the subtle body to be relieved of the tendency to get energy from eating physical food. It has that tendency which should be removed from it before one is evicted from the physical system at its death.

One basic achievement is to get the subtle body to forego, to wash out, its need for subtle energy from physical food. That has to happen if one is to realistically not be compelled to take another physical body which will be the tendency unless it is suspended or erased.

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