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Yoga is affected by Hard Feelings

Yoga practice, especially high-end meditation, is drastically affected by the hard feelings (resentments) which others hold for a yogi. These include whimsical differences which are of little consequence in the long range but which occurred and left unfavorable impressions in the psyche.

In the astral world, I met a lady who divorced her first husband because they found to their dismay that they were incompatible. This lady was in the upper part of a residence she created in the astral world. She sat on a luxurious couch. Soon after this, her first husband appeared but he carried the energy of being her spouse on that level.

They wanted me to be a witness to their conversation. The man said that early on, his life with that lady was haphazard. He admitted that many mistakes were made because he was immature and could not at the time, make the proper decisions.

The lady for her part, wanted him to live again, to give him the opportunity to act in a perfect way. She said that she felt unfulfilled and needed to be with this man to reenact their life style in a perfect way.

After this experience, I considered writing about the incidence to explain that whatever hard feelings, one has, that will dictate one’s future because the resentments and unfulfilled feelings which remain in the psyche, will be used by Nature to create new circumstances where one can try to rectify the circumstance to one’s satisfaction. The problem with this is that the attempt to change it for the better will invariable cause new disagreements to arise, in an endless loop of events, one to the other, with perfection of action and mood never being attainable.

For a yogi, it is ridiculous to think that in the future, somewhere, somehow, one will fix all resentments or hard-feelings which one was involved in, either as the target or as the agitator. Nature funds these events. It is the energy of Nature which drums up the disputes. The self’s energy is used but that self is not the creator of the energy which is stirred.

A yogi should step aside and let Nature resolve events in whichever way it fancies.

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