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Two Mystics / One Body

I ate ice-cream which had a rich coating of cream and bee pollen, served with it. I realized that there was another tongue which enjoyed it. Someone else was in my body, using my tongue to eat from the same bowl which I used. I realized this when my head turned to see a lady. I had no interest in doing so. My interest energy remained not looking at the person, and another interest energy of someone else who inhabited my psyche, split off to see the lady.

In a split second, I saw the other person. I saw him. He was a man who began a spiritual society but who is now deceased. I said to him.

“How is it that you eat using my body? Why do you crave these sweet foods? What is the matter with you?”

He said this.

“It is nothing. Since I was an infant in the last body, I got used to eating rich gourmet food preparations. Later when I was a guru and I became wealthy, I was honored with delicious sanctified foods. It was a habit. We are friends. Do not take it to heart. And besides, as you often said, ‘Who owns the body?’

“Really, whose body, is it?”

After this conversation, we continued eating from the same bowl until the delicious food was finished. I decided not to confront him again about this.

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