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Tobe Terrell’s Astral Place

Tobe Terrell welcomed me at his astral place (July 20, 2023). He has a large wooden building which was spacious. The back yard of which is a small beach on black water river. He even had paint on hand and requested me to paint one room. The paint was old-fashioned linseed oil-based paint.

To be consistent with his way of doing things, I requested a caustic soda soap for washing the floor of the room, which has twelve-inch wide roughly sawed one-inch timber. He wanted to know if a dear friend of mine, Sir Paul Castagna, would come there. I assured him that Paul would be glad to do so.

If one has a resistance for taking an embryo, if one wants to avoid doing that, it is likely that one will have an astral place which closely resembles the physical surroundings one had just before passing from the recent physical body.

One noted feature about Tobe’s astral surroundings, was the bright sunlight which was present there, not a sun orb, just sunlight in all directions. There were children there and some persons who were compatible with Tobe when he was on the physical side.

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